'Doctor Who: Flux' fans call for spin-off show featuring these two companions

Doctor Who: Flux - Dan Lewis invades a Sontaran ship armed with his trusty wok.
Dan Lewis (John Bishop) managed to sneak onto a Sontaran spaceship in Liverpool with just a wok. (Image credit: BBC Studios/James Pardon)

Doctor Who: Flux continued with a second, time-bending episode yesterday. Although War of the Sontarans furthered lots of plot points in the "Flux" storyline, it seems that some fans want plenty more from two of the series' newest characters instead!

*spoilers ahead for episode two of Doctor Who season 13*

After the Doctor blasted the Flux with Vortex energy straight from the TARDIS at the end of the first episode, we rejoined the new fam as they awoke on a battlefield littered with British troops. 

After a chance encounter with the nurse Mary Seacole, the Doc worked out that they'd been transported back to the Crimean war, right outside Sevastopol in 1855. 

Things started to get very timey-wimey very quickly, though; the reaction from the blast of Vortex energy had caused Dan and Yaz to fade out of existence and be sent elsewhere in time... right after the Doc learned that the British soldiers were fighting Sontaran forces, not Russians.

Dan was returned home to present-day Liverpool, where he found the Sontarans had imposed a curfew on the planet, and Yaz was sent to what was revealed to be the Temple of Atropos on the planet Time.

Dan played a particularly large role in this episode; after he was rescued from Sontarans by his parents, he crept aboard one of their ships at Liverpool docks. Armed only with his phone and with his father's wok, he found his way to the control room and made contact with the Doctor across time. 

He told her that he'd overheard the Sontarans talking about planning something called a "Temporal Offensive" and sent her the footage he had been recording on his mobile. With this info, the Doctor figured out that the Sontarans had planned to conquer Earth by invading it at multiple points in time just before the Lupari had been able to protect the planet from the Flux.

The Doc tells Dan that he's got to stop the ships in the future whilst she works with Mary Seacole and the British forces to force them to retreat in the present. A Sontaran Commander heard their conversation and prematurely closed the channel, splitting them apart once again.

Sontaran forces then arrived to capture Dan; just as he was about to be captured, his species-bonded Lupari, Karvanista burst in to save the day, and the unlikely duo managed to forge a plan to put a stop to the Sontarans' scheme whilst the Crimean forces halted their plans in the past.

Doctor Who: Flux - Dan and Karvanista aboard a Sontaran ship in Liverpool

Dan (John Bishop) and Karvanista . (Image credit: BBC Studios/Ben Blackall)

Plenty of fans had lots to say about the episode; some said it was one of Jodie Whittaker's strongest performances of the entire Chris Chibnall run. However, lots of people pointed out how much they enjoyed the banter between Karvanista and Dan so much that they started calling on the BBC to make a spin-off series featuring the pair exploring the universe.

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There was so much more that happened in the last episode, too! Will the Doctor be able to save Yaz from Azure and Swarm at the Temple Will time itself continue to destabilize? And where did the Cybermen come from?! We'll have to wait to find out...

Doctor Who: Flux continues this Sunday at 6:30 pm on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer in the UK. US readers can tune in to the third episode of the series at 8:00 pm EST on BBC America.

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