Does Plex work on an Amazon Fire TV Cube?

Best answer: Yes! Plex works perfectly on the Amazon Fire TV Cube. All you have to do is have a media server set up, sign up for a Plex account, and then install the app on your device.

What is Plex?

At its most basic level, Plex is a way to stream movies, music, TV shows, and other content from a server in your home to other devices. The server can be a desktop computer, a repurposed laptop, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) box, or even the NVIDIA Shield TV. Meanwhile, the device you want it on can be almost any device that has a screen or display output. Signing into your Plex account on the device will give you access to whatever files are on your media server.

You can get quite a bit out of Plex's free tier. You'll need to purchase the Plex application on each platform (these become free if you buy a Plex Pass), but you can still stream all of your files. Streaming should be sufficient if you use it with something like the Fire TV Cube, but if you want to download your files onto your mobile device, that's something you'll need the Plex Pass for.

Pricing for the Plex Pass is pretty simple: $5 for a month, $40 for a year, and $120 for life. You'll get new features with the Plex Pass as time goes on, so you won't need to spend more money just to try something new. You can also buy a Plex Pass as a gift, if you want to treat your friendly neighborhood content collector.

With an antenna and a good tuner , you can set up a Live TV guide within Plex. This guide will show up on all of your devices, so you can watch your favorite local channels from anywhere in the world. You can even record your favorite shows, then watch them later from any device with Plex installed. Here's how to do that !

Can you use Plex on the Amazon Fire TV Cube?

Yes! Plex is a great way to watch all of your personal media on any device, including the Fire TV Cube. Signing into Plex on the Fire TV Cube is as a breeze, and in an instant you'll be able to access your favorite photos, movies, music, and TV shows.

While you can use Alexa to open the Plex app, you can't use it to start watching something once you already have the app open, so the remote is going to be a must. Fire TV has access to all the latest Plex features, including Live TV, and DVR support.