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Double DEATH SHOCK to devastate THIS Home and Away legend today

Home and Away

There is terrible news heading for Leah Patterson-Baker...

Today's Home and Away sees Justin Morgan left with the heartbreaking job of telling Leah Patterson-Baker about two tragic deaths.

Since she returned to Summer Bay after being held captive by deranged Douglas, Leah has been in a fragile way.

Home and Away, Leah Patterson, Douglas

Leah was being held hostage by a violent Douglas and only recently returned to Summer Bay (Picture: Channel 5)

Not only has the torment that Douglas put her through left her jumpy and second-guessing everything, Leah has also struggled to fit back into her relationship with Justin.

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Desperate not to risk her slow recovery from her ordeal, Justin hasn't told Leah about Mason and Robbo's deaths, which both happened while she was being held hostage.

But today sees Justin unable to keep the devastating truth from her any longer when she directly asks him where Mason is.

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

Justin breaks the news to Leah that Mason and Robbo both died while she was away (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Leah is making huge progress today when she has breakfast at the diner for the first time since she got home, and Justin is thrilled to see her slowly getting back to some sort of normality.

However, things take a sudden turn when Leah offers to help Justin at work at the garage.

The pair head to Justin's work, and while he fixes cars Leah offers to look over his books for him.

But once in the office she sees a photo of Mason and asks why she hasn't seen him around since she got back, and Justin is forced to break the news that he sadly died in a hospital siege.

Home and Away, Leah Patterson, Justin Morgan

Leah is devastated at the double death shock, will the news set her recovery back? (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Leah is understandably devastated at the news that she missed the deaths of two friends while she was away, and starts to realise exactly how much Douglas took from her by kidnapping her.

As Leah struggles to get her head around what has happened to Mason and Robbo, will she be able to continue moving forward?

Or will the news of their deaths set her recovery back?

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