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Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans spot THIS glaring plot hole in last night's episode


Emmerdale fans were watching last night's episode closely...

Last night's Emmerdale saw corrupt DI Malone threatening Billy Fletcher, Cain Dingle and Will Taylor once again, but fans noticed there was a flaw in the coppers blackmail plan.

With Billy finding himself arrested for assault in Monday's episode, last night saw him questioned at the police station.

Malone and Billy Emmerdale ITV

Malone has other officers working for him at the station (Picture: ITV)

But this was no ordinary crime... not only did Billy not assault the man he is being accused of hurting, but he's never even met him.

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As Malone questioned Billy, he made no secret of the fact he was framing him for the crime, claiming he has got five 'witnesses' who would all point the finger at Billy unless he did one last job for Malone.

Malone and Billy Emmerdale ITV

Malone threatened Billy at the police station (Picture: ITV)

However, it was only after they had been in the interview room for a while that Malone pressed record on the tape for the official interview... and Emmerdale fans pointed out that this should have been the DI's undoing.

Malone and Billy ITV

Fans pointed out that Malone's dodgy threats would have been caught on CCTV (Picture: ITV)

Pointing out that interview rooms in police stations would have CCTV in them, Emmerdale viewers suggested that Malone threatening Billy would be on camera...

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Billy remained calm as Malone threatened him until the bent copper threatened his girlfriend, Dawn, and her son Lucas.

When Billy saw red, he launched himself at Malone and had to be pulled off by other officers... making himself look more guilty than ever.

Cain Emmerdale ITV

Cain is also caught up in Malone's blackmail (Picture: ITV)

But it was only when Billy finally got out of his cell and headed back to the village that Cain and Will realised the seriousness of their situation.

Billy pointed out that their families were under threat if they didn't do the job Malone was asking them to do, but before they could make a decision, Malone turned up at the house.

Malone and Billy ITV

Will, Billy and Cain agreed to work for Malone again, but is all as it seems? (Picture: ITV)

Eventually the trio were cornered and reluctantly agreed to work for Malone.

But are they really going to go along with his new threat? Or has Cain got a plan up his sleeve?

Emmerdale’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now airs three episodes a week on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.