EastEnder fans 'uncover' shock Chelsea and Ellie connection after THIS huge twist

Chelsea/Lucas/Denise EastEnders
Chelsea/Lucas/Denise EastEnders

Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans have spotted a clue that could mean Chelsea Fox is working alongside dangerous Ellie Nixon...

EastEnders fans are convinced they've predicted a shocking storyline that will see Chelsea secretly plotting with villain Ellie.

Viewers were left reeling last night after Chelsea was revealed to be plotting against her dad, Lucas Johnson, having played the dutiful daughter since her return at Christmas.

Chelsea/Lucas/Denise EastEnders

Denise has been terrified ever since Lucas came back into her life at Christmas (Picture: BBC)

Since Chelsea and Lucas came back into Denise's life, Lucas has been trying to prove he is a changed man after spending time in prison.

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Denise is convinced that Lucas hasn't changed and has been quite clear about the fact she isn't happy that Lucas appears to have Chelsea under his spell.

Chelsea/Lucas/Denise EastEnders

Lucas is oblivious to the fact is daughter is playing him (Picture: BBC)

What is Chelsea plotting?

Until now it seemed that Chelsea was playing the doting daughter, but last night's EastEnders saw her receiving a mysterious phone call that changed everything.

She was seen telling the caller that they needed to trust her, revealing that she was setting Lucas up for some sort of criminal job.

But fans are convinced that the person calling Chelsea wasn't a stranger to EastEnders viewers, predicting that it was Ellie Nixon on the other end of the phone.

Chelsea/Lucas/Denise EastEnders

Who was Chelsea talking to last night? Could it have been Ellie Nixon? (Picture: BBC)

Is Ellie Nixon returning to EastEnders?

Viewers will remember that Ellie is the adoptive grandmother of Denise and Phil's son, Raymond... who Phil eventually discovered was just as dangerous as he is.

Fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the fact Chelsea could be working with Ellie...

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Whoever Chelsea is working with, they are clearly a dangerous influence.

Since Lucas's recent attack, he has been left battered and bruised... proving that whoever was on the end of the phone last night isn't someone to be messed with.

But how long will it take for Denise to work out her daughter isn't on Lucas's side after all?

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