EastEnders at New Year: Tragedy for the Slaters and the end of Phil's feud with Keeble?

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EastEnders on New Year's Day is going to be full of drama according to the latest exciting trailer.

In the sneak preview of what's coming up in Saturday's special festive episode, there seems to be tragedy, tension, and what looks like the end of Phil Mitchell's feud with DCI Keeble.

But who's going to come out on top as 2023 dawns?

The trailer begins with a glimpse of the Slaters' jam-packed New Year's Eve party, with revellers counting down to the start of 2023.

But almost immediately we see a panicking Suki find Eve collapsed. Husband Nish arrives as Suki tells him Eve has "passed out", but will he be suspicious about why Suki is so worried?

And what's happened to poor Eve?

Suki tends to a collapsed Eve in the New Year trailer

Suki is frantic when she finds Eve passed out (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Eve's not the only casualty at the party.

As the New Year begins and everyone cheers, it's Jean's turn to collapse in daughter Stacey's arms! 

What's going on?!

Jean collapses in between Stacey and Harvey on New Year's Eve

Jean collapses as 2023 begins (Image credit: BBC)

Elsewhere it looks like it's not a very happy new year for Kat Slater either as fiance Phil tries to reassure her that Billy won't be going to prison any time soon.

"It's over," Phil says.

But what does he mean by that?

Because the next tease in the trailer is Keeble arriving at the club, to tell Phil and Billy  that "we've got a little problem, Phil".

"We've" got a problem? 

Sounds interesting!

Keeble in the New Year trailer

"We've got a problem," Keeble tells Phil in the trailer (Image credit: BBC)

The trailer ends with a distraught Kat running down a hospital corridor. Could Phil be the one who's been hurt?

Or could it be Jean that frantic Kat's looking for? Because the final shot of the trailer is a worried-looking Stacey.

Will the Slaters be facing a tragedy this New Year?

Stacey looks worried in the new year trailer

The trailer ends with Stacey looking worried - what's happened?  (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders is on New Year's Day at 6.30pm on BBC One. Check our TV Guide for more information. 

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