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EastEnders fans convinced that THIS Walford LEGEND will DIE next week

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Soap fans are convinced that EastEnders' Mel Owen is going to meet a tragic end next week...

There's trouble heading for EastEnders next week as Mel Owen's vendetta against Sharon Mitchell takes a shocking turn... and fans are convinced that someone won't make it out of the drama alive.

Next week's EastEnders will see Mel's hatred for the Mitchells come to a head when she and Sharon are caught up in a huge car chase to get to Phil Mitchell first.

Sharon Mitchell confronts Mel Owen in the Vic in EastEnders

It's war between Mel and Sharon, but will either of them make it out of next week's drama alive? (Picture: BBC)

Sharon is desperate to reach her husband so that she can protect her dark secret that Keanu is actually the father of her unborn baby, and not Phil... while Mel is determined to get revenge on the Mitchells and tell Phil the news that will shatter his world.

It has been confirmed that actress Tamzin Outhwaite is leaving EastEnders soon, and so could fan's theories that she is going to die in the car chase next week be right?

They certainly think so...

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Last night's EastEnders (Tuesday 5th Novemver) saw Mel up her game against Sharon when she decided to show he a little insight into how it feels to lose a child.

As the family all gathered at The Vic for Louise's 18th birthday celebrations, Sharon was sickened when she saw Mel had bought Dennis a beer.

It's Louise's birthday in EastEnders

Louise celebrates her birthday, oblivious to the drama that is going on around her (Picture: BBC)

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But it wasn't the thought of underage drinking that got her angry... it was the fact Mel alluded to the fact she had laced the drink with pills.

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Sharon raced Dennis to the pub kitchens where she made him down salty water to make him sick... but just as she was about to dial for an ambulance, Mel sauntered in and drank the beer herself, proving that she had just been messing with Sharon's mind.

Until now Sharon hasn't fought back at Mel, knowing that she has got some seriously big dirt on her after woking out she had an affair with Keanu... but now that Mel has threatened Dennis's life, could the gloves be off and war declared between the women?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.