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EastEnders fans thrilled to spot THIS unexpected star in tonight's iconic episode

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Den and Angie's two-hander episode featured an unexpected star...

Tonight's EastEnders was replaced with Den and Angie's iconic two-hander from October 1986, and fans have spotted an unexpected star in the episode.

Soap fans were treated to a classic EastEnders episode tonight while the soap is off air thanks to filming shutting down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Den and Angie classic EastEnders BBC

Den and Angie's iconic two-hander was shown on BBC One tonight (Picture: BBC)

The first of the classic episodes to be aired was Den and Angie's epic two-hander... the first of its kind to be shown on EastEnders.

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These days we are used to strong episodes with just two characters, but back when Den and Angie's now iconic episode was aired, it was ground-breaking television.

Fans have taken to social media to share their joy at seeing such a brilliant episode from EastEnders' rich history on their TV screens.

Den and Angie classic EastEnders BBC

Angie was upset when Den told her he was leaving her for another woman (Picture: BBC)

But it wasn't just Anita Dobson and Leslie Grantham's amazing scenes as Angie and Den that have got fans talking... there was someone else who caught their eye in the drama.

No, not Roly the dog, sadly, but instead it is the window cleaner who has captured the nation's attention.

The window cleaner didn't say a word - or even get a credit at the end of the episode - and yet he managed to steal the show with his ill-timed appearances as Den and Angie were going through one of the most emotional mornings of their lives.

Den and Angie classic EastEnders BBC

Fans think the unnamed window cleaner stole the show in tonight's classic EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

As Den told Angie that he was leaving her, she retaliated by telling him that she only had six months left to live, but the window cleaner managed to provide some light relief from the drama, and fans were loving it...

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Of course EastEnders viewers will know that Angie's claim that she has a terminal illness is all a big lie, conjured up in a bid to stop Den from leaving her.

Her plan doesn't work though, because as Den and Angie celebrate their second honeymoon on the Orient Express, she gets drunk and tells the barman about her lie, not realising that Den is sitting right behind her and has heard everything.

Den and Angie classic EastEnders BBC

The window cleaner barged in while Angie was trying to tell Den she was dying (Picture: BBC)

It wasn't until Christmas Day that Den revealed her knew about Angie's lie... handing her divorce papers in the most-watched episode of EastEnders of all time.

BBC One will air EastEnders: Secrets from the Square, hosted by Stacey Dooley, at 8pm on Mondays, while classic episodes of the soap will air at 7.30pm on Tuesdays.