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EastEnders fans disgusted by 'evil' Suki as she leaves Ben to die

Suki Panesar
EastEnders viewers called Suki Panesar 'evil' and 'heartless' after she left Ben Mitchell for dead. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers were horrified by Suki Panesar’s (Balvinder Sopal) vile behaviour during last night’s episode (Monday, August 1) after she left Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) to die.

Ben and the Panesar’s have been at loggerheads after he admitted that he called off Jags Panesar’s (Amar Adatia) protection in prison before he was killed.

Meanwhile, the Panesar children have disowned their mother, Suki as she also confessed to her part in Jags’ death after she set him up and sent him to prison.

During last night’s EastEnders, the Panesar’s decided to move out of their mother’s home as they were unable to forgive her for what she did to her own son.

Despite Suki’s pleas of forgiveness, Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) soon dropped another bombshell that he was buying her out of the family businesses.

Meanwhile, a troubled Ben is still reeling from the trauma of his sexual assault and has started taking drugs.

Ben Mitchell is ill and sweating

Ben became very unwell after taking drugs. (Image credit: BBC)

After an explosive argument with his daughter, Lexi (Isabella Brown) at her dance recital, Ben went to a party after buying drugs at Peggy’s.

At the party, Ben began to feel unwell and bumped into his new flame James, who called him a cab home. 

A very ill Ben stumbled out of the taxi and left Lexi a voicemail reassuring her that he would be coming over for her celebratory meal soon.

Ben then collapsed into a pile of rubbish and began gasping for breath, all while Suki was sitting alone in the park.

Ben Mitchell begs Suki for help

Ben desperately begged Suki for help. (Image credit: BBC)

She heard a phone ringing and followed the sound, which led her to a nearly unconscious Ben.

He begged her for help, but in a shocking turn of events, a cold-hearted Suki walked away and left Ben to die.

Will Ben survive the horrendous ordeal? Has Suki really left him for dead?

Fans were outraged by Suki’s vile actions and branded her as ‘evil’...

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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