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EastEnders fans REJOICE as THIS moment they've all been waiting for is FINALLY aired

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Gray Atkins might be an appalling husband, but he's proven himself to be a great lawyer!

EastEnders fans got the moment they have all been waiting for last night when lawyer Gray Atkins finally found the spy hole that stalker Leo King was using to watch over Whitney Dean.

Viewers have known for months that Leo was hiding in Whitney's attic and watching her through a hole that he had made near her light fitting... but Whitney had no idea that her stalker was so close by.

EastEnders Gray and Whitney BBC

Gray begged Whitney to eat so that she could fight in court (Picture: BBC)

Ever since Whitney killed Leo in self defence, EastEnders viewers have been waiting for someone to find Leo's hiding place in the attic to help Whitney's case in court.

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But it's not just Sonia and everyone else living in Dot's house who have missed the hole in Whitney's ceiling... the police also missed the glaringly obvious clue as well.

EastEnders Gray and Whitney BBC

Whitney has been on hunger strike for more than a week (Picture: BBC)

Last night's EastEnders saw Gray determined to fight for Whitney's freedom and he went to her house to search for evidence that Leo had been stalking her for months.

Without the logbook that Whitney had been keeping before it fell into Leo's hands, there was nothing Gray could use to prove that Whitney was the victim in this case.

EastEnders Gray and Whitney BBC

Gray went to Whitney's house looking for clues that she's being stalked (Picture: BBC)

But after he went to Whitney's bedroom to find anything that might stand up in court, he lay down on her bed in frustration... and finally saw the hole in her ceiling that Whitney had been missing for weeks.

EastEnders Gray and Whitney BBC

Gray finally spotted the hole that Leo had used to watch Whitney from the loft (Picture: BBC)

Fans were thrilled that Leo's hiding place had finally been found, and took to social media to share their joy...

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Now that he is armed with the evidence that he needs to prove Leo was evil, will Gray manage to get Whitney off the hook for her murder charge?

EastEnders Gray and Whitney BBC

Gray finally has the evidence to bring Whitney home (Picture: BBC)

And how long will it be before she can finally start eating again and return home where she belongs?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.