EastEnders fans loving rare bonding moment between THESE two characters

EastEnders Albert Square sign
EastEnders viewers loved seeing the pair finally bond rather than fight. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers were delighted to see a rare bonding moment between Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) and Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) after his son Aaron (Charlie Wernham) was stabbed and Jean Slater’s (Gillian Wright) mental health continued to deteriorate.

Over previous EastEnders episodes, the pair have usually been at loggerheads over Jean’s spiralling mental health.

However, during last night’s emotional episode (Tuesday, April 26), Stacey was there to support her future stepdad after Harvey discovered that Aaron was in hospital after being stabbed in prison.

Stacey decided to give a distraught Harvey a lift to the hospital, where he revealed to Stacey that it was his fault for what happened after he refused to sneak in a phone to him from Aaron’s gang.

Stacey Slater and Harvey Monroe talk in the hospital waiting room

Stacey was there to support a devastated Harvey in hospital. (Image credit: BBC)

As they awaited news on Aaron’s condition, they had a heart-to-heart over Jean’s whereabouts who had yet to return Harvey’s phone call.

After talking about how Jean was their 'rock', Stacey questioned: “Where is she now, eh?” 

“She’s busy. She’s got a lot on,” Harvey replied.

“Oh, Harvey, wake up. What is more important than this? I can tell you why she ain’t here, why she ain’t phoned back, because she has no idea how serious all this is, she has no idea what you’re going through. She is just off in her own little world. I know you’re going through it, but running off to Southend and getting married, that ain’t going to fix it. Trust me,” Stacey revealed.

Stacey Slater

Stacey begged Harvey to make the right decision for her mum. (Image credit: BBC)

“I love her,” he protested.

But it wasn’t long before Stacey was wanting him to make the ultimate sacrifice for her mum’s benefit.

“So do I! You did the right thing before. Please, Harvey, for me, just do the right thing now. If you really love my mum, then, please, don’t marry her,” she pleaded. 

Fans loved watching the duo bond, rather than constantly seeing them coming to blows…

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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