EastEnders fans name surprise new villain to take down Phil!

Phil Mitchell returns to Albert Square in EastEnders
Phil has got a new nemesis in Walford. (Image credit: BBC)

Thursday night's EastEnders was certainly a dramatic one for Phil Mitchell as his feud with twisted policewoman Keeble came to a bloody climax.

Phil finally got one over on his nemesis and was also able to keep his promise to get Billy off the hook at the trial over Keeble’s dad’s death. 

All in all, a good result for the Albert Square hardman. Well, except there was one person who wasn’t happy — and fans predict they could become an unexpected thorn in Phil’s side.

Phil stands over a dying Keeble in EastEnders

Phil and Keeble's feud is over... or is it?  (Image credit: BBC)

Honey was furious at the damage Phil’s feud with Keeble had done to her family. And while she was relieved that Billy came home from court a free man, she was not in a forgiving mood.

Bumping into Phil in the Square, she let rip about the pain and hurt Billy’s plight has caused her family. Then she looked Phil in the eye and issued a heartfelt threat.

“I am warning you, Phil, I’m not scared of you,” she stated. “And if I have to take you on, I will. Because I will protect my family until there’s not one breath left in my body.”

Honey and Phil argue in the street in EastEnders

Honey told Phil exactly what she thought of him.  (Image credit: BBC)

As Honey headed off, Sam was certainly impressed at her mettle. “The mouse roars,” she commented to Phil.

Honey and Phil argue in the street in EastEnders

Sam was impressed after seeing Honey's feisty side.  (Image credit: BBC)

And Sam wasn’t the only one enjoying Honey's words of waring... viewers were taken aback by the normally sweet Honey’s new-found feistiness. 

“Honey could be the one to bring Phil down. I'd be scared,” posted one. While another declared: “We LOVE hardcore Honey.”

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In fact, many reckon that Honey could turn out to be a serious threat to the King of the Square if she was pushed too far…

“Honey could be the once to bring Phil down,” said one. While another agreed that, “Honey has shown time and time again she's fearless and has more backbone than most of the Mitchell men put together.”

One even went as far as to predict bloodshed on the Square! “Honey Mitchell villain arc where she murders ‘Philth’ – I’m here for it!” they excitedly posted. 

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So, will Phil take heed of Honey’s warning and keep out of her family’s life? Or are we hurtling towards the new Walford feud we never knew we needed? Honey turns out not to be as sweet as she looks…

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