EastEnders fans shocked as Sam seduces Zack – but it’s something else that’s got them worried!

EastEnders Sam and Zack have a drink
Sam and Zack get shot of their worries (Image credit: BBC)

There was shock passion in Thursday night’s EastEnders as Sam and Zack drowned their sorrows together – and ended up getting it on!

But while the shock coupling is likely leave Zack and Nancy’s relationship in tatters, it was the destruction of something else that viewers were all commenting on.

And they were worried that this thing might never be repaired.

Sam has a drink with Zack EastEnders

(Image credit: BBC)

The scene saw Zack and Sam share a drink at the club, the pair both having experienced bad days.

Sam had failed to get one over on Sharon with regards to Sharon’s relationship with Phil.

She has been suspicious of Sharon and Phil’s closeness and hoped to stir the pot with Kat.

But when Sharon called her bluff, Sam backed down, leaving her frustrated.


EastEnders Zack has a drink with Sam

Zack won't have the last laugh with this story... (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Nancy was pushing Zack away as she struggled with the aftermath of Linda’s car crash.

Zack made a big gesture to Nancy, telling him he had sold his beloved vintage car, Lucinda, to help try and get their business idea off the ground again.

But Nancy was unimpressed by his offer.

Later, Zack stormed into the club looking for a drink.

Sam handed him a shot – which turned out be a loaded gun when it came to Zack’s relationship with Nancy.

EastEnders Sam and Zack have drink

(Image credit: BBC)

Soon, the pair were sat cosily in the corner of the club knocking back the booze.

As the flirting got underway, it soon turned to passion as they headed back to Zack’s place.

Sam was a fast mover, ripping off Zack’s shirt as they lay on the sofa, the buttons flying to the floor

And EastEnders viewers all shared the same joke – that stylish Zack wouldn’t be getting much use out of that shirt now Sam’s done with it!

 “Well there goes a perfectly good shirt,” laughed one.

While another joked: “Imagine trying to find and stitch back on them buttons.”

Meanwhile, another worried about the consequences of Zack’s action if Nancy found out.

“Next week I don’t want to be in Zack’s shoes – he’s going to need a lot more than just a spare shirt!”

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