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EastEnders fans spot a HUGE storyline plot hole that has left them BAFFLED

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EastEnders fans were left confused after last night's trip to Walford when a huge storyline seemed to be completely forgotten...

Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans have taken to social media to point out there was a major storyline missing from last night's (Tuesday 10th December) episode.

On Monday 9th December, EastEnders viewers were left sickened when Leo King apparently killed his own mother with his briefcase in broad daylight.

Leo attacks his mum in EastEnders

Leo attacked his mum and left her for dead on Monday night (Picture: BBC)

Fans were made to wait an agonising 24 hours until the following episode to find out what Michaela's fate was... only for her not to feature in the episode at all - dead or alive!

Viewers were concerned about Michaela's wellbeing after Leo left her for dead in an alleyway in the middle of Walford and pointed out that surely 24 hours later someone would have found her...

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The storyline of Leo's revenge on Whitney Dean stepped up a gear last night when he lured her to a posh hotel in London, claiming to be taking her away for a fancy birthday treat.

However Callum confronted Leo after finding out from Jay that he had bought memorial flowers from the undertakers for a grave at All Saints cemetery.

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But of course Leo didn't take kindly to being grilled by Whitney's ex, and shoved him against the wall - again in broad daylight - and threatened to kill him if he kept asking questions.

This confirmed things for Callum that Leo was bad news, but when he told Jay and Tiffany about his worries the both accused him of being jealous.

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It was only when Tiffany phoned Bianca and asked about Leo that the truth about who Leo really is was revealed.

But while Tiffany and Callum paired up and raced to save Whitney from Leo's evil grip, Whitney and Leo were making the most of having a posh hotel room for the afternoon.

However, when Leo later went to freshen up, the hotel phone rang and Tiffany shouted to Whitney that Leo was Tony's son and she needed to get out of the hotel room immediately.

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But before Whitney could make an escape at the door, Leo realised where she was going and stopped her by blocking the door.

Will Tiffany and Callum manage to get to Whitney before Leo turns seriously sinister? Or has Whitney just found herself in a whole world of danger?

And the question on everyone's mind... where is Leo's mum!?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.