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EastEnders fans think Sam Bird from Love Island is a young Ian Beale!

EastEnders character Ian Beale looks like Sam Bird from Love Island
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Erm, what do you reckon?!

EastEnders viewers have become convinced that Sam Bird from Love Island is a younger version of Ian Beale.

Now Love Island fans can’t look at 25-year-old Sam in quite the same way! "I'm sorry but every time I see Sam off Love Island I just think of Ian Beale," wrote one fan, while another agreed: "After seeing some of the memes on here all I can see when I look at Sam on Love Island is Ian Beale."

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Another pondered: "Is it me or is Sam a young Ian Beale?" "Sam reminds me of Ian Beale," one user Tweeted. "Sam reminds me of Ian Beale so bad now," said another.

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So, does Sam look like a young Ian Beale? We're not entirely convinced but, hang on, just maybe everyone has a point!

Sam has described himself as "hyperactive, loud and a showman," so he's just like Ian in that way, erm?!

Meanwhile, in Love Island itself Sam and Georgia are seen in Wednesday night's teaser clip getting rather close in the bathroom. According to some, this means that the pair could be kicked off the show for "secret rule breaking".

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.