EastEnders spoilers: Alfie Moon and Hayley Slater kiss!

EastEnders, Alfie Moon, Hayley Slater
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If you're still holding on for a Kat and Alfie reunion, you may be shouting at the telly on Christmas Eve when he kisses her cousin, Hayley!

Alfie Moon is back in Albert Square for Christmas, clearly hoping to reunite with his ex-wife Kat Slater.

However, there's still the ticking time bomb of the fact Kat's cousin Hayley gave birth to Alfie's secret baby daughter, Cherry Slater in October.

So it's Christmas and it's EastEnders, which means it's highly likely it'll all kick off!

EastEnders star Jessie Wallace, who plays Kat, reveals more about Alfie's return and Christmas with the Slaters...

How is Kat feeling in the lead up to Christmas?

"Kat’s feeling very optimistic, I think she’s a bit trepidatious at first because of everything that happened in Spain and it takes her a little bit of time to let things fall into place. But, ultimately I think she just wants her family to all be together at Christmas."

Kat’s finally reunited with her boys and Alfie’s back, Kat must be happy…

"She’s absolutely ecstatic to have her boys back because there’s been a huge gap where they’ve not been there. She feels like she missed out with them, so definitely ecstatic to have her boys back."

Do you think Kat can trust Alfie?

"Well if anything, Kat has done a lot worse to Alfie than what he’s done to her, but I think Alfie’s lies are what Kat worries about. He’s always ducking and diving so I think she’s unsure if he can trust him."

Kat is very reluctant to put her wedding ring on in the lead up to Christmas Day, why do you think that is?

"Yes, I think that’s partly down to Alfie always lying and his ducking and diving like I said. That’s definitely a reason why. And as we know, Kat had an affair. I think Kat’s thinking 'everything’s great, but everything’s happened at once – her boys are back, Alfie’s back, surely it’s not going to last'. She’s scared of that, of it all falling apart, so that’s another reason why she’s a bit dubious about putting that ring on."

How is it having Shane back filming?

"Oh I love Shane, we’re like soulmates, he’s like my brother. I love him so, so much and when he wasn’t here I missed him like crazy. Kat and Alfie have been together for 17 years so yes, it’s been amazing."

What can you tell us about the Slater’s Christmas Day?

"Well, it starts off really family orientated and obviously has the absolute chaos of the Slater household as we are all there together. There’s always chaos in that house, which I love. When you watch an episode and see the contrast of one family and the way they live and then the Slaters, it’s mayhem and it’s great. So there’s loads of Slater chaos and people being joyful but then, of course, it completely unravels…"

What can you tease about the events leading up to the truth coming out?

"It all comes out from the tiniest thing, from the most careless, stupid thing. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s something that Hayley does. But I think what she (Hayley) does, is almost a cry for help. But obviously Kat is going to find out and she reacts in the way only Kat can react. She goes crazy!"

EastEnders, Alfie Moon, Hayley Slater, Stacey Slater

What?! Alfie kisses Hayley unaware Stacey has seen the pair... (Picture: BBC)

How does Kat feel when she realises Cherry is Alfie’s daughter?

"Complete shock. But then also I think Kat thinks 'yes I can see, I can see how that happened and why that happened'. But yes, completely betrayed by not only her husband but someone in her family too."

And how does she feel about Hayley up until this point?

"Kat loves her to bits, it’s all about family with the Slaters and it goes back to when Little Mo was having an affair with Alfie. I remember at the end of that episode Kat confronted her (Little Mo) and there was this huge fight, but Kat decided to side with Little Mo. Kat even climbed into Little Mo’s bed so she could cuddle her. There’s that element of Kat that I really love, that family orientated side to her."


How does Kat feel knowing Jean knew all along and didn’t tell her?

"In the heat of the moment, Kat reacts as you’d expect. She’s so angry and upset, there’s this whole whirlwind of emotions that she’s going through and she just doesn’t care. There’s no vision, Kat’s just so angry and betrayed."

How did you react when you first read the scripts?

"Oh I thought 'this is brilliant'. Getting your teeth into something like this, the meaty side of it all is brilliant; the script, the directing, the writing - I was in my element. I just thought thank you! Thank you to our producer John Yorke!"

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