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EastEnders tonight – Ben Mitchell to stun fans by becoming Mr Nice Guy (well, not so evil!)

EastEnders tonight Ben Mitchell

'Jay, maybe I shouldn't be so nasty to Martin!'

EastEnders tonight will see bad boy Ben Mitchell turning over a new Mr Nice Guy leaf.

Ben has been terrorising poor Martin Fowler (James Bye) for ages, being involved in the fruit-and-veg peddler being held over the edge of a railway bridge, and also making vicious threats against Martin’s own family.

Ben Mitchell in EastEnders

Is Ben Mitchell going all soft in his old age?! (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Nicky Johnston)

But in EastEnders tonight (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) Ben will suddenly start seeing the error of his ways when he sees Martin with his stepson Arthur Fowler.

Having witnessed the touching moment between Martin and Arthur, Ben feels terrible for forcing Martin to work for him.

EastEnders Martin Fowler

Poor Martin Fowler has been going through hell thanks to Ben (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Ben’s sudden attack of conscience is no doubt due to his blossoming relationship with Callum Highway (Tony Clay).

But, despite going all gooey over Martin - who's about to find comfort with Ruby Allen - and Arthur, Ben isn’t immediately about to ditch his criminal empire.

Callum is furious this evening when he spies Ben exchanging cash with dodgy money-lender Tubbs.

Callum blasts Ben, but will it be enough to change his ways? Or will Ben risk not only his freedom but also his relationship with Callum by continuing his dodgy dealings.?

Ben Mitchell being NICE again in EastEnders tonight!

Yep, to be fair to Albert Square’s new Mr Nice Guy, Ben does ask Tubbs to let Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) off another debt payment.

However, nasty Tubbs brushes asides Ben’s suggestion and it looks like Karen’s in big trouble.

Billy (Perry Fenwick), though, comes up with a cunning plan – perhaps Karen should get a second job! Karen thinks it’s a great idea and before he knows it Billy ends up having to give her a trial at E20.

Leo opens up to Whitney in EastEnders tonight

Leo chats to Whitney (Picture: BBC)

Also in EastEnders tonight Leo opens up to Whitney about her past, while Jack has to step in when a situation gets out of hand tonight in court.

EastEnders tonight is on at 7.30pm.