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EastEnders v Corrie v Emmerale in a hilarious dance off! Watch Natalie Cassidy, Jack P Shepherd and co large it!

(Image credit: BBC)

The debate is on – who are the best dancers? EastEnders, Corrie or Emmerdale?!

Cast members from EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale have showed off their hilarious dance skills in a new video by social media star Arron Crascall.

The video, which is taking Twitter by storm, kicks off in Albert Square, where Arron asks the likes of Ricky Champ (who plays Stuart Highway), Natalie Cassidy (Sonia Fowler), Dean Gaffney (Robbie Jackson) and Laila Morse (Mo Harris) to take the "Soap Hand of Dance".

They then all bust out their best moves in front of The Queen Vic!!

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Arron then legs it up to the Coronation Street set where he meets up with Jack P Shepherd (David Platt), Daniel Brocklebank (Billy Mayhew) and James Burrows (Ali Neeson).

The boys then take the “Soap Hand of Dance” and, well, perform some serious moves! We especially love Jack’s dancing and we’re not alone! One fan tweeted: “Actually laughed so much. David Platt dancing LAWL.”

Arron then asks: “Which way to Leeds, I need to get to Emmerdale?!,” and the Corrie boys point the way.

We then join Arron in The Woolpack, where he runs into among others Michelle Hardwick (who plays Vanessa Woodfield), Ash Palmisciano (Matty Barton) and Anthony Quinlan (Pete Barlow).

And the Emmerdale cast absolutely smash it with some top dancing behind the bar at The Woolie. Ash even gets on the bar at one point!

Soap fans are now debating which show has the best dancers! “EastEnders win,” declared one fan, while another said, “Emmerdale the WINNERS.” But another concludes: “Coronation Street best dances lol.” It seems opinion is split!

All it needs now is for Arron to head up to Hollyoaks to see what the cast there are capable of!

Arron previously appeared with Russell Kane on BBC3’s Stupid Man, Smart Phone, which was later shown on BBC2. The "Soap Hand of Dance" has already been watched by over 100,000 people!