EastEnders viewers 'creeped out' by 'freaky' Jean scenes in shock suicide twist!

EastEnders Jean
Jean's mirror moment scared fans. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans threw praise upon praise on Thursday night’s episode, which saw Jean’s bi-polar episode reach its climax as she almost killed herself trying to reunite with her true love, Daniel.

But while they applauded the acting of Gillan Wright, they found the scenes disturbing to watch, with the show clearly giving off horror movie vibes.

Harvey Monroe is shocked when he sees Jean Slater's wedding dress

Harvey called time on Jean – but she had other ideas. (Image credit: BBC)

The drama began when having split from Harvey, Jean decided she was getting married anyway. 

She headed out early in the day into the Square, dressed in her wedding frock. Jean told locals this was her wedding day, leaving some amused but others concerned.

When Stacey heard what was going on, she rushed out to find her mum. However, she was too late.

Jean Slater is in her wedding dress in southend

Jean headed to the seaside. (Image credit: BBC)

Jean had gone to Southend, where she and Harvey were supposed to be moving to.

Wandering around the town, she revelled in people commenting her dress, and enjoyed a ride on the funfair.

However, when she spotted Stacey and Martin, she hid in the hall of mirrors, where things began to take an even darker turn.

EastEnders Jean

Jean made a friend in the hall of mirrors. (Image credit: BBC)

Jean started talking to her own reflection, as she grew more and more confused.

She thought the person in the mirror was someone else entirely, viewers seeing that in Jean’s head the reflection didn’t move when she did

Jean even tried to wipe a stain from the reflection’s dress, frustrated when her hand holding the hanky hit the glass.


EastEnders Jean

Jean didn't want to listen to Stacey. (Image credit: BBC)

As Stacey caught up with Jean among the mirrors, she tried to calm her down.

Stacey pretended to have spoken to Harvey, claiming he was on his way for the wedding, and even offered to be Jean’s bridesmaid.

However, by this point Jean was convinced she was marrying Daniel, her ex who passed away back in 2020.

Realising Stacey was lying, a distraught Jean fled, Stacey failing to catch her in the confusion of the mirror maze.

The emotional scenes touched viewers hearts, but many found the spooky scenes left them frightened.

"That hall of mirrors is freaking me out big time," said one. While another agreed. "Is EastEnders actually frightening anyone else?"


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EastEnders Stacey

Stacey desperately tried to help Jean. (Image credit: BBC)

When Stacey finally caught up with her mum, Jean was walking out to sea, leaving Stacey terrified.

Stacey tried to reason with her, but realised with horror that Jean was going to keep walking into the water until she was reunited with Daniel.

“Daniel’s waiting for me,” she said. And as Jean disappeared under the waves, viewers feared the worst as the screen faded to black.

EastEnders Jean

Jean was on her way to see Daniel. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders Jean

Viewers were delighted that Stacey managed to save her mum. (Image credit: BBC)

Luckily, Stacey managed to pull her mum back, and the episode ended with her dragging Jean to safety, as Martin stood with a waiting ambulance.

Viewers were left emotional after the episode, and the praise for Gillian Wright and almost broke the internet! There was almost too much praise to quote, but it can be summed up in one typical tweet  "Oscar performance!"

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Viewers were certainly relieved, but it’s clear that Jean will have a long journey back to health.

EastEnders screens every Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One

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