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Has Adam’s body been found?

Moira receives some potentially bad news next week…

It seemed like Adam Barton had a lucky escape last week when he managed to break out of prison, after being wrongly locked up for Emma’s murder – but his attempt at a fresh start may have ended in tragedy.

New pictures reveal police will visit Adam’s mum Moira Dingle next week to share the potentially devastating news that they’ve discovered a body near Prague – and believe it to be Adam.

The police visit comes after fans found out it was actually Moira who committed the deadly crime, and her guilt led to Cain Dingle and Adam’s best friend Aaron being forced to find a away to get him out before she confessed.

Since the big reveal, viewers have seen her struggle with Adam’s imprisonment for her crime while suffering from post-natal depression.

Could having to identify her son’s body be the blow that finally makes Moira confess all to the police?

Adam Thomas, who plays Adam in the soap, recently opened up about his exit, teasing: ‘It’ll be explosive and the perfect way for me to say goodbye to the show.’