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'Emmerdale' fans are all saying the same thing about THAT kiss between Victoria and David

Emmerdale spoilers, David Metcalfe, Victoria Sugden
David and Victoria shared a kiss in tonight's Emmerdale. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans have been left baffled by a socially distanced kiss shared between David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden in tonight's episodes. 

Viewers were on the edge of their seats as evil killer Meena Jutla kidnapped baby Theo while he was in Victoria Sugden's care, before framing her for his disappearance. 

Victoria was beside herself when she came downstairs from checking on her own son, Harry, only to find David's little boy Theo, who she was babysitting, had gone missing from the living room. 

But of course, the toddler's vanishing act was all down to David's evil girlfriend Meena, who was trying to teach David a lesson and make Victoria look bad. 

David buys flowers for Victoria in Emmerdale

David bought Victoria flowers after blaming her for Theo's disappearance.  (Image credit: ITV)

David was beside himself as everyone searched the village for his missing son, not realising that he was with Meena, who had him hidden as she waited for the panic to set in.

Just when Manpreet talked about calling the police, Meena sauntered back into the village, painting herself as the hero as she claimed she'd found Theo by the very same bridge where Leanna Cavanagh had died.

However, Meena's plan to ruin Victoria and David's friendship fell flat when she later caught David heading over to see Victoria with a huge bunch of flowers.

David and Victoria share a socially distanced kiss in Emmerdale

David apologised to Victoria before they shared another kiss.  (Image credit: ITV)

After initially wrongly assuming that the bouquet was for her, Meena could barely cover her anger as David told her they were his way of apologising for shouting at Victoria over Theo's disappearance.

Soon David and Victoria had kissed and made up — quite literally — with the pair sharing a forbidden kiss after they chatted.

But it wasn't the fact that Meena very nearly caught the pair together that got fans talking, they were more focused on the fact the socially distanced kiss looked, well, socially distanced...

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As viewers know, TV shows have been facing the impossible task of trying to continue filming over the last year and a half while social distancing restrictions have been in place. 

As a result, soaps have cleverly used camera trickery to make scenes look more believable, meaning fans can still enjoy their favourte shows while the nation keeps their distance from one another. 

David and Victoria share a socially distanced kiss in Emmerdale

David and Victoria's kiss has been the talk of the internet.  (Image credit: ITV)

But what is next for Meena now that her plan to sabotage David and Victoria's friendship didn't work? If we were Victoria, we'd definitely start sleeping with one eye open from now on...

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings. You can also catch up on ITV Hub now.