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Emmerdale fans convinced village newcomer has SINISTER connection to THIS terrifying villain

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Emmerdale fans are convinced that Victoria Sugden could be in danger...

Soap fans have warned that there could be danger ahead for Emmerdale's pregnant Victoria Sugden thanks to her new love interest from the hospital.

Over recent weeks Emmerdale viewers have seen Victoria bumping into hospital canteen worker Luke, but they're convinced that their random meetings are more than just a coincidence.

Luke and Victoria in Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans are convinced that Luke is bad news... (Picture: ITV)

Fans took to Twitter last night claiming that Luke is too nice to be true and that they believe he has got a connection in some way to Victoria's rapist, Lee...

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Last night's Emmerdale saw Victoria finding herself at the hospital after she offered to give Kerry a lift to an appointment. But while she was sitting in the waiting room, she bumped into the mysterious hospital worker once again.

Amy was clearly impressed with Victoria's choice in men, and she grilled her friend for more information.

But when Victoria told her there wasn't much to divulge she encouraged her to make things happen with Luke.

Victoria tells Robert and Aaron that Lee has died in Emmerdale

Victoria told Aaron and Robert that Lee had died last night (Picture: ITV)

Victoria then found him sitting in a park, and soon the pair were having lunch together.

Luke make no effort to hide the fact he was falling for Victoria and even went as far as telling her that he liked her. But are fans right and he has got a sinister connection to Victoria's attack?

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Just when things seemed to be looking up for the mum-to-be, Victoria was left reeling when she overheard a doctor talking to Lee's mum after he had been rushed into surgery with a bleed on his brain.

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She was horrified when she heard the doctor tell Wendy that Lee had died, and she wasted no time in heading home to tell Robert the grim news.

He was left terrified about what Lee's death means for him, convinced that his charge would now be changed from GBH to murder.

But instead of waiting around for the police to arrive, he and Aaron made the heartbreaking decision to go on the run.

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Victoria was in tears seeing her brother leave, but will Luke be there to pick up the pieces?

Or is he about to prove fans right and show his sinister side?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.