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Emmerdale fans 'sobbing' after a SHOCK TWIST in tonight's episode left them heartbroken


Emmerdale fans have been left in tears after scenes between Jacob, Leyla and David...

Tonight's Emmerdale saw a shock twist in the Jacob Gallagher/Maya Stepney/David Metcalfe storyline when David decided he'd had enough of Jacob's behaviour and announced he was throwing him out.

The sudden turns of events came after Liam Cavanagh hit Jacob in yesterday's episode after he said some vile things about his daughter, Leanna, after the teenagers slept together.

When Liam came to the shop to confront Jacob about leading his daughter on, Jacob defended himself by denying that he had taken advantage of Leanna.

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However, as the argument became more heated, Jacob started saying vile things about Leanna, leaving her heartbroken, and David fuming that his son could say such disrespectful things.

But in a surprise turn of events, David and Leyla decided the only way to really get through to Jacob was by throwing him out of the house.

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As the news that his parents were turning their backs on him sunk in, Jacob seemed to finally get the message about his behaviour and promised David and Leyla that he would change.

However, it seemed the pair wouldn't back down on their decision that he needed to leave, and soon Jacob started packing his things.

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But it was clear that Jacob was beside himself with the thought of having to leave his family home, and the enormity of what his behaviour had done started to sink in.

Finally the tormented teenager started to open up about sleeping with Leanna and how is was different to when he spent time with Maya, and eventually he started to see that the way he was behaving was all down to Maya's abuse.

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The penny eventually dropped that all the bad things that have happened to him in the last year were down to Maya's grooming and, in emotional scenes, David and Leyla were also in tears with the relief that Jacob could finally see things from their point of view.

Eventually David and Leyla came clean and admitted that they were never going to throw Jacob out, but in fact this was all a ploy to get him to realise the enormity of what Maya had done to him. And as the trio hugged, Emmerdale fans were left in tears...

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With Jacob's love for Maya finally turning to hate, it seems this could be the turning point for the teenager to get his life back on track now that he isn't pining for the woman who abused him.

But while the future finally looks good for Jacob, David and Leyla, Emmerdale fans know there is a huge bombshell around the corner just waiting to explode.

Earlier in the week Maya was released from prison where she was serving time for her abuse of Jacob, but there was an added shock when it was revealed that she was also pregnant.

But who does the baby belong to? David or Jacob? And what will this news do to their freshly restored relationship?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.