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Flirty Charity Dingle ‘cheats’ on Vanessa tonight in Emmerdale! Here’s why…

Emmerdale Emma Atkins as Charity

Charity goes on a date with a bloke called Mike, to the complete fury of Vanessa...

Vanessa Woodfield has a face like thunder tonight in Emmerdale when Charity "cheats" on her with a middle-aged man called Mike.

Of course not all is as it seems, as Charity (played by Emma Atkins) is setting Mike up for a scam. She’s got all dressed up and is determined to land her prey, who she knows from a previous scrape.

After finding Robert Sugden trying to schmooze Mike, Charity decides she’s going to completely fleece him.

Charity tries to work her magic on Mike in Emmerdale

Date night... Charity is on a mission to fleece Mike, but does she need to be wary of him?

Charity tries to reassure Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) that there’s nothing to worry about. But that doesn’t stop Vanessa from looking absolutely furious when she sees Charity getting close to Mike.

She can’t quite believe it as she sees the pair chatting and enjoying a bottle of wine together!

Vanessa isn’t at all pleased about Charity’s latest scheme and she feels devastated that her fiancée could treat her like this.

Vanessa Woodfield

Vanessa watches in horror as Charity starts to seriously flirt with Mike in this evening's Emmerdale

And Charity hasn’t even told her the full story, as she’s also going to an event at Home Farm as Mike’s date!

Charity is using all of her charm, trying to win Mike over, but Mike has a scheme himself!

Vanessa overhears Mike and realises what he’s plotting, but can she get to Charity in time to warn her? Or will Charity be left nursing serious financial wounds as she herself gets fleeced?

Cain confronts Kim in Emmerdale

Cain confronts Kim, who has a huge shock in store for the mechanic...

Also in Emmerdale tonight, an angry Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) heads off to Home Farm to confront Kim. And Cain is completely taken aback by what Kim has to say. So, what has Kim told Cain?

Emmerdale is on tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.