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HORROR in Emmerdale tonight as a huge secret threatens THIS couple


Are Charity and Vanessa heading for the rocks?

There is trouble heading for Charity Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield in tonight's Emmerdale when a bombshell secret is revealed.

For weeks Charity has been struggling with the news that her fiancée Vanessa has got stage three cancer.

Vanessa looking worried

Vanessa has only told Charity about her cancer diagnosis so far... (Picture: ITV)

But with Vanessa swearing her to secrecy, Charity has little choice but to support Vanessa without anyone else knowing what is happening... but tonight sees Charity break her promise and tell Vanessa's sister Tracy Metcalfe about the cancer.

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The secret is revealed when Tracy decides to throw Vanessa a surprise birthday party after announcing that Charity's low-key celebrations for Vanessa last week weren't enough.

Charity panics about surpirse party for Vanessa in Emmerdale

Charity is horrified when she realises Tracy has thrown Vanessa a surprise party (Picture: ITV)

Tracy has no idea that Vanessa had asked Charity not to make a fuss of her birthday as she wasn't in the mood to celebrate, and so she rounds up all of her sister's friends and invites them over to her house for the afternoon.

But when Charity walks in to the party and realises what is happening, she is forced to drag Tracy outside and beg her to get rid of her guests.

However, Tracy doesn't want to hear Charity's pleas, and eventually Charity realises the only way she is going to get Tracy to cancel the party is if she admits the truth.

Vanessa walks in on her surprise party in Emmerdale

Vanessa races out of her own party... (Picture: ITV)

Tracy is understandably floored by the news, but before they can get rid of her guests, the pair hear a cry of 'surprise' from inside the house and the realisation that Vanessa has arrives hits them.

But how will Vanessa react to the news that Charity has told her sister such massive news without her blessing?

Later this week things are set to become strained between Vanessa and Charity when Vanessa opens up to Tracy about her cancer and Charity starts to feel sidelined.

Things reach boling point between Chairty and Tracey in Emmerdale

Will Vanessa forgive Charity for telling Tracy about her cancer? (Picture: ITV)

But will this rift growing between them spell the beginning of the end for the pair?

Or can Vanessa's cancer bring them closer than ever before as they face the horror of the next few months together?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.