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Emmerdale spoilers: Massive new Joe Tate murder TWIST to send shockwaves through the dales

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Will Graham back up Cain? Or is the mechanic going to jail for Joe's murder?

Cain Dingle is going to be arrested by the police AGAIN for the murder of Joe Tate in Emmerdale next week.

Cain, played by Jeff Hordley, initially seems to be having a good week as Kerry agrees to let him have access to Kyle, while the investigation into Joe’s death seems to have gone quiet.

But then the police come calling at Butler’s Farm and they search the place. Rather thank keeping his cool, Cain flips, refusing to answer any questions and refusing to accompany the officers to the station.

Cain arrested

Questions: The police put more pressure on Cain Dingle in Emmerdale next week

So, the cops nick him! DS Sanders tells him that there’s evidence that he was at Home Farm on the day Joe went missing. Cain then admits that he did see Joe just before he vanished!

As Cain cracks under heavy police questioning, he ropes Graham into his tale, but will Graham back up his story? If Graham lies to the police to save himself, Cain could soon face being charged for Joe Tate’s murder.

Joe Tate in Emmerdale shortly before he is murdered

Will Graham really back Cain up over Joe Tate?

Is Graham going to tell the truth knowing that he’d face potentially a lifetime in prison if he does?

Also in Emmerdale next week, scheming Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) gets jealous when she sees Jacob and Liv bonding. Maya decides to wreck it all by telling Aaron (Danny Miller) that the pair are together.

But a furious Jacob discovers what Maya has told Aaron and he threatens to expose their affair.

Maya decides it’s time to flee the village before she’s caught out, but in her rush to escape she takes a tumble and is knocked unconscious.

Is Maya dead? And is David Metcalfe finally going to find out the truth about what’s been happening between Maya and his 15-year-old son?

Emmerdale continues on ITV next week.