Emmerdale star Jurell Carter on why filming Nate and Moira’s steamy scenes is a TURN OFF

Moira kisses Nate in Emmerdale

There's nothing sexy about having a camera crew in your face...

Emmerdale actor Jurell Carter, who plays Nate Robinson, has spoken about his character’s affair with Moira Dingle, and revealed that filming the pair’s steamy liaisons is anything but sexy.

Nate and Moira shared a passionate kiss last month, but next week they’ll take things further and sleep together in Butler’s Barn when Moira’s attempt to throw her energies into her marriage to Cain ultimately fails and she’s unable to resist her hunky farmhand.

The affair is set to continue over the coming weeks, but newcomer Jurell, who joined the soap in May, says that whilst Nate and Moira’s secret meetings may look red-hot on camera, behind the scenes the reality is somewhat different.

“The sexier scenes are not as sexy as they seem,” he reveals. “We’ve been doing a lot in Nate’s caravan, and it’s so small I can barely fit in it. I can’t stand up in it.

“It’s very technical. It can be the camera man saying ‘Jerome, can you just slightly move your chin that way while you’re kissing her?’ So the sexiness goes away.

“We filmed a scene recently where we were both in Nate’s single bed. Being six foot three, it’s awkward!”

He adds: “I love filming in the farm, but the downside is that in the haybarn, there are lots of rats. I’ve got a fear of rats and vermin, so knowing there are rats on set makes me shaky and nervous.”

Nate kisses Moira in Emmerdale

Nate and Moira will sleep together next week in Butlers Barn

Moira’s husband Cain Dingle knows nothing of his wife’s philandering, but Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks recently confirmed that the mechanic will uncover the truth in dramatic episodes this coming October.

Says Brooks: “Obviously Moira is married to Cain, who is the ultimate bad boy, so when he does find out, it will be explosive and there will be lots of drama and ramifications for all of our characters involved.

“We’re really going to get to the core of why this affair has happened, and the consequences to it. This will all come to a massive head in October. We like to do our big week in October to set the Autumn schedule alight.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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