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Jacob takes this action that could EXPOSE Maya in Emmerdale tonight

Emmerdale - Maya Stepney and Jacob Gallagher

Is the truth about to finally come out?

Jacob Gallagher starts sending his teacher Maya Stepney shirtless selfies in Emmerdale this evening - dramatically increasing the risk that their forbidden affair could be exposed.

In the latest twist in the grooming storyline, Maya has offered to give Jacob some private tuition, which pleases his dad David Metcalfe.

But of course David doesn’t know anything about Maya’s true motives for wanting to get Jacob alone and how the pair shared kisses at Christmas.

However, when Jacob starts taking shirtless snaps of himself and sending them to Maya, it means that anyone getting a look at her phone could work out what’s been going on.

Later in the week, Priya Sharma is deeply suspicious when she spies Maya snatching her phone back from her and David’s young daughter, Amba.

Jacob tries to impress Maya

Will David's suspicions be raised when Maya panics and snatches her phone back from Amba later this week in Emmerdale?

Priya realises that Maya is hiding something and then decides to tell David about her strange behaviour.

David quickly confronts Maya, meaning that both Maya and Jacob are in the firing line. It looks like it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out between Maya and Jacob.

Meanwhile, tonight’s double bill of Emmerdale also sees Cain Dingle make a huge confession to Debbie.

Ever since he thought he murdered Joe Tate, Cain has been overcome with guilt and at last tonight in Emmerdale he comes clean to his daughter.

Cain tells Debbie the truth

Cain makes a huge confession to Debbie tonight

Debbie has never known the truth of what happened to Joe on their fateful wedding day last year and in this evening’s double bill she’s asked to identify a body she fears could be Joe’s.

Cain - who also ironically doesn’t know the truth of what happened - can’t cope with seeing his daughter suffering any longer and takes the stunning decision to tell her that he "killed" Joe, when the businessman fell and whacked his head during a fight outside home farm.

Debbie is of course furious…

Emmerdale continues tonight on ITV.