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The entire 'Late Nite With Conan O'Brien' archive is coming — watch how it all started

It's been 25 years and some 4,000 episodes since we were first graced with the gift that is Conan O'Brien. That's a quarter-century since the early days on NBC. Fewer wrinkles. Lower hair. Just as many laughs. Different network. And it appears that we're about to get loads more Conan. Like, all the Conan.

The entire "Late Nite with Conan O'Brien" archive is said to be hitting a new Conan-centric website in early 2019, according to Conan himself. It'll be interesting to see how (or if) it gets edited down. There's a lot of music on that show, and it takes a lot of lawyers (and therefore a lot of money) to get rebroadcast rights for that sort of thing.

But whatever. More Conan is always a good thing.

While we wait for 2019 to arrive, Conan's gone ahead and posted his remastered inaugural show. Enjoy.