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Ex Brookie star Philip Olivier: 'I have a brawl with Mateo in Benidorm!'

Former Brookside star Philip Olivier arrives with a bang in Benidorm this Thursday (ITV, 9pm).

Philip plays Jason Gallagher, the Solana's sexy new barman.

"Jason has all sorts of amazing bartending skills, which were great for me to learn and then show off," explains scouse actor Philip, 33.

"He's a great hit with the holidaymakers, especially the girls staying at the Solana, which means the regular barman Mateo really doesn't like him being there. Those two really don't hit it off and they have a big fight in the Solana office that turns into a wrestling-type brawl. Our tops get ripped to shreds!

"All my scenes with Jake Canuso, who plays Mateo, were great fun to film. In fact, going out to Benidorm to star in such a wonderful comedy was a blast. I hadn't been out to the resort since I was a boy on a family holiday, so I was experiencing things from a completely different perspective this time. It's a crazy place!"