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Ex-Emmerdale star Sophie Powles stars in a new sci-fi musical Fanatical

Emmerdale, Sophie Powles as Holly Barton

The actress, who played Moira Barton's doomed daughter Holly, is appearing in a new musical set around a sci-fi fan convention.

Ex-Emmerdale star Sophie Powles, whose ill-fated character Holly Barton was killed-off in a shock drug overdose twist, is taking to the stage in a new musical Fanatical, about a fictional sci-fi TV series and the fans who love it.

"I play Andra and she’s a huge fan of the TV series Angel 8 fan," Sophie reveals during an interview with the podcast Strong Female Leads. "She’s obssessed with it, she loves the lead female pilot character Iris and loves to cos-play as her.

"In every day life, Andra is not the most confident or out-going person. But when she's cos-playing as Iris and going to these fan coventions, that's where she comes alive and finds her voice."

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The musical centres on the first-ever UK fan convention for Angel 8, as fans gather hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite characters or perhaps a sighting of the reclusive British author Scott Furnish, who created the original comic that was turned into the TV series.

But as Sophie points out, you don't have to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy Fanatical.

"There's a bigger message that's carried in the form of a sci-fi musical," she says. "The message is about including everyone, showing kindness and being open-minded and non-judgemental. Everybody's welcome in that world. Just be you, come and have fun!"

Fanatical runs at The Playground Theatre in London from 15th November to 8th December