Exclusive: 'First Date' finds the car of your junkyard dreams

Brace yourself for 'First Date.'
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In Manuel Crosby and Darren Knapp's First Date, Mike (Tyson Brown) asks out the girl of his dreams. Kelsey (Shelby Duclos) says yes. Panic takes the wheel. How are you supposed to impress the crushiest of crushes and make a striking appearance? You purchase a 1965 Chrysler and roll-up in style—then find yourself embroiled in a mess with cops, criminals, and a crazy cat lady. At least there's no time for awkward dinner banter?

First Date premiered as part of Sundance 2021's virtual slate, where Magnet Releasing snatched distribution rights. Reactions were mixed as critics called it everything from a "wild-ass comedy" to "silly, empty, and entirely perplexing," which leaves the door wide open on early expectations. If you ask me? That's what I'm looking for in a movie—something that will challenge and push audiences. First dates aren't supposed to be clean and without hiccups, so if anything, I say bring the "messiness."

For those who want an idea of what to expect, we've got an exclusive look at First Date in the clip below. We learn how Mike (Tyson Brown) finds the Chrysler that comes with more than hidden fees: 

As Mike is schmoozed by the Chrysler's owner (runs like a "scalded dog"), he's sold on the vehicle despite its desperate need of a paint job and a new, no-cracks windshield. There's hesitation as Mike climbs into the automobile's spacious cab, where the hyperbolic seller finds and quickly hides an iPhone that suggests the previous owner is never mentioned for a reason. The mystery is afoot, but we also get a sense of Mike's personality as he's sold on what's generously a fixer-upper—complete with a reference to the roomy backseat area. Hormones are natural, especially in adolescence. The sale showcases both the film's deception and charm.

In addition to Tyson Brown, First Date stars Shelby Duclos as girl-next-door Kelsey and supporting performances from Jesse Janzen, Nicole Berry, Samuel Ademola, and other indie circuit names. Magnet Releasing will open First Date everywhere on July 2nd, 2021, so you can experience young love and unavoidable chaos as your own indoor summer couples activity. Check your theaters for listings and What to Watch for our forthcoming review.

Matt Donato

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