Fuming 'The Tourist' fans have all turned on one character

The Tourist lead Jamie Dornan
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The Tourist has had BBC1 viewers gripped, as we try to figure out what's going on with Jamie Dornan's character, simply known as "The Man". 

Throughout the course of the series, he's trying to piece together his identity and what happened in Australia, after being rammed into by a truck and ending up in hospital. 

He's joined by rookie probationary constable Helen Chambers, played by Unbelievable's Danielle Macdonald, and fans have become very protective over her character as she unsuccessfully attempts to juggle her career with her home life.

Helen's fiancée Ethan Krum (Greg Larsen) has come under fire from viewers lately, as despite him not being the villain of the piece (or so we think!), he's been criticized for the way he treats Helen and for berating her job. 

Despite the obvious pressures Helen is facing as she tries to help The Man, Ethan is unsympathetic and wants her to be home all the time and make him a priority. He even insults her appearance and her ability to be a good police officer.

In fact, people hate Ethan so much that some were even calling for him to be killed off by contract killer Billy Nixon (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) who visited him looking for information about Helen. He managed to get inside the house by claiming he was an undercover cop working alongside Helen, and Ethan fell for it.

He's certainly made an impression among viewers, as Twitter was flooded with comments about the slimy character who only seems to care about himself, and not the important case Helen is trying to crack.

However, viewers have praised Greg Larsen's performance as the unlikeable Ethan, and comments haven't gone unnoticed as he jokingly responded to some of the intense fan reactions via Twitter.

Greg wrote: "Did you watch #TheTourist yet? I'm in it playing a really nice bloke named Ethan, fiance of Helen (Danielle Macdonald). We are the onscreen couple everyone is talking about I think because my character is such a loving, supportive man."

The Tourist continues on BBC1 on Sunday 16th January at 9pm. Episodes can also be watched as a boxset via BBC iPlayer.

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