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FX+ is being discontinued


What you need to know

• FX+ was the streaming home for past seasons of FX and FXX originals.

• It's shutting down on Aug. 21, 2019.

• You'll still be able to stream original programming on-demand online or with FXNOW.

FX has unceremoniously killed off its FX+ subscription service, effective Aug. 21, 2019. That means it'll keep working through Aug. 20, which gives folks a little more than a month and a half to keep streaming things.

That doesn't mean you won't ever be able to watch FX or FXX content online — you just won't be able to do it with an FX+ subscription after that date.

FX says that you'll still be able to watch original series on the FX and FXX linear channels — and that includes on the various live streaming services as well as cable or satellite. Shows also will be available on-demand in the FXNOW app, or at But they'll only be available for limited time, so this isn't a watch-all-you-want back catalog.

FX says folks don't need to cancel their FX+ subscription. It'll just automatically run out on Aug. 21. And if you subscribe through a TV provider, it also should discontinue automatically.

If you're currently shaking your fists at the sky and asking WHY IN THE NAME OF ARCHER HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?!??!!?! , all you need to know is this: FX is now owned by Disney. Disney has a little service called Disney+ coming out later this year. And it should be pretty excellent. So the death of FX+ isn't exactly shocking, even if it's coming in for a rather abrupt landing. It remains to be seen exactly what the future holds for FX itself. The network has been host to a pretty decent number of critically acclaimed shows — The Americans , Justified , Pose , Snowfall and Archer , to name but a few. But ratings are still important, too, and Disney's larger strategy may not give FX the runway it needs to continue. We'll just have to see.

But for now, bid farewell to FX+. We, for one, welcome our Disney+ overlords.