Gentleman Jack fans concerned that 'death is imminent' for one character

Gentleman Jack stars Sophie Rundle and Suranne Jones
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Gentleman Jack returned to our screens after three years, with fans delighted to see Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) and Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle) as they hope to start married life together at Shibden Hall, Anne's residence.

The series is based on the encoded diaries of Anne Lister, who was a real-life industrialist and landowner in Halifax in the early 1800s. Recently fans saw Anne and Ann marry in a secret ceremony in York, and now they're hoping to return and build a life together

There have been some complications though, as Ann remains under the care of Dr Belcombe (Michael Xavier), who is steering her gently through her mental health issues, and Anne is keen to keep her wife away from meddling family members as she's distrustful of them.

As ever Anne has lots on her mind including a potential honeymoon in Paris and stresses with her own business, so when her sister Marian (Gemma Whelan) starts showing signs of illness, Anne checks her temperature and assures her she'll be "fine".

But fans of the show aren't convinced, with many taking to Twitter to express their concern for Marian due to her frequent bouts of coughing, which is a symptom of tuberculosis.

At the time in Europe, TB had high mortality rates, so fans are right to be worried.

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With Anne distracted by many other things in her life, if Marian's health takes a turn for the worse this would be a devastating development in her storyline. She's trying to juggle business, marriage, tenant drama and more, and much like the first season Anne is constantly on the go.

Marian is known for being quieter and less extroverted than Anne but despite their differences, the two sisters clearly care deeply for each other and Marian is even delighted to have Ann Walker living with them.

We'll have to wait and see whether or not Marian does improve, especially since Anne is convinced she'll be fine, but fans of period dramas know that lots of coughing is never a good sign! 

Gentleman Jack season 2 continues on BBC1 at 9pm on Sunday, 17 April.

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