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HEARTBREAK in EastEnders as Walford's BEST-LOVED couple hits the rocks

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Will Ben Mitchell cheat on Callum Highway in next week's EastEnders?

There's heartbreak on the cards for EastEnders favourites Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway as Ben struggles to come to terms with his hearing loss, leading to him lashing out at his boyfriend.

EastEnders fans will know that Ben has been left almost entirely deaf after hitting his head on the night of the Thames boat tragedy.


Ben has been struggling other anything since the Thames boat crash (Picture: BBC)

Understandably Ben is struggling to get his head around the fact he may never be able to hear again, and despite having Callum's support, he is worried about his upcoming appointment to talk about his operation.

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Next week sees Callum suggest to his boyfriend that he learns sign language, but Ben isn't interested and instead focuses his efforts on trying to pretend he can still hear when his old acquaintance, Danny Hardcastle, comes looking for him.

Danny is back on the square in EastEnders

Danny Hardcastle confronts Ben Mitchell with a proposition next week (Picture: BBC)

Desperate to keep up appearances, Ben pretends he can understand when Danny offers him a proposition, despite the fact he can't understand anything he is saying.

Later Callum takes Ben to his appointment at the hospital and Ben is disheartened to discover that his operation won't be for another few weeks.

Feeling more frustrated than ever, Ben tells Callum that the operation could have serious complications, but Callum isn't deterred and instead starts quizzing him about who Danny is.

Danny learns of Callum’s involvement with the police in EastEnders

Danny meets up with Ben, but Callum is there for backup (Picture: BBC)

As Callum suggests it might be better for Ben to avoid any stress, Ben is annoyed with everyone fussing around him and storms off to hatch a plan to stay in control when he has a meeting with Danny.

But when Callum hears that Ben has gone to meet Danny he is worried and goes to find them... and while Ben is alarmed to see his boyfriend, he soon realises that Callum is there to help him and his mind is put at rest.

However, when Danny learns that Callum wants to be a police officer things turn sour and he threatens him, causing Ben to step in and unwittingly reveal that he can't hear anything.

Ben is fuming with Callum and storms off, heading to the Prince Albert where he meets Hugo and they share a drink.

Ben Mitchell gets to know Hugo in the Prince Albert in EastEnders.

Ben and Callum fight, leading to Ben sharing a drink with random stranger, Hugo (Picture: BBC)

As they get friendly, Ben steals Hugo's car and ends up getting arrested.

But being on the wrong side of the law is soon the least of Ben's worries because when Kathy lets slip to Callum that she saw Ben leaving the bar with a random man, the soon-to-be police officer makes a huge decision about his future.

Is this the end of the line for Ben and Callum?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.