'Hellbound' fans claim it's 'better than Squid Game'

'Hellbound' cast
Hellbound is shaping up to be the next huge Netflix hit. (Image credit: Netflix)

Hellbound is everyone's latest Netflix obsession, with millions of fans sitting down to watch the South Korean series over the weekend of its release. Some are even going as far as to say it's better than Squid Game, another acclaimed Netflix series.

The dark six-part series is set in an alternate version of Earth which is overrun by monsters who are ready and waiting to drag humans to Hell when their time is up. They receive ominous text messages declaring when that will be, adding anxiety around technology into an already terrifying concept. 

As a result of this dystopian universe, a religious cult called the New Truth Society is formed. The first three episodes focus on Jeong Jin-soo, the chairman of this cult and Jin Kyeong-hoon, a detective investigating this whole scenario. These two figures are major players amid all the chaos, with the first episodes telling their story.

However, episodes four to six see a time jump to five years later and starts to focus on Bae Young-jae, a public defender who struggles with the fact that his newborn baby is bound for hell. So it gets very dark very fast!

Fans on social media are raving about the new series, which was directed and written by Train to Busan director Sang-ho Yeon. This is his TV series debut.

Netflix announced the arrival of the series by describing it as "The next terrifying Korean drama, this time sans killer robot doll", referencing the Red Light, Green Light doll that is now an iconic symbol of Squid Game

One fan wrote: "Absolutely incredible. I preferred this to Squid Game. Korean TV is kicking all kinds of arse at the moment. This will stay with me for a very long time. And that last scene? Wow!"

A second wrote: "Hellbound is fantastic. Addicting premise, creepy/grim vibe. Korean Netflix content is on a roll. I like this even better than Squid Game."

And a third shared their verdict, writing: "Hellbound is intriguing, dark and disturbing. I believe its gonna be the next big drama after Squid Game. 9/10"

All six episodes of Hellbound are available to stream now, exclusively on Netflix.

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