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Holby City star Lee Mead reveals HUGE twist in tragic baby plot

Holby City Lofty Helen funeral
(Image credit: BBC)

Following the tragic death of baby William, emotions are running very high for Dom, Lofty and Helen on the day of his funeral, as Lee Mead reveals...

After being given the devastating news in last night's Holby City that their unborn baby boy had died, nurse Ben 'Lofty' Chiltern, his husband Dominic Copeland and the baby's mother Helen are now making plans for baby William's funeral.

Understandably, all three are struggling with their grief - and, in a surprise twist in next week's episode, Lee reveals Dom will later catch Lofty kissing Helen!

As Lofty battles with both the turmoil of losing his son and anxiety over the funeral arrangements, he’s grateful to have Dom (David Ames) by his side for support. Dom wouldn’t be anywhere else, so he’s thrown when Helen (Verity Marshall) tells him not to come to the funeral.

Lofty Helen baby dies

Lofty (Lee Mead) and Helen (Verity Marshall) were given the heart-breaking news last week that their unborn baby boy had died...

To add insult to injury, Dom’s left stunned when Helen also reveals how she recently told Lofty she was falling in love with him!

"There’s an interesting dynamic in terms of what Helen wants from her relationship with Lofty," says Lee Mead, who plays the nurse. "Over time, she’s realised it’s more than just friendship and that she does have feelings for him, which certainly puts pressure on Lofty’s relationship with Dom."

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Holby Dom Lofty Helen insert

Dom (David Ames) is trying to work out where he fits in with Lofty and Helen...

As Lofty and Helen head to the funeral without him, Dom’s paranoid Lofty didn’t tell him about Helen’s declaration of love because he’s in love with her, too!

And it looks like his worst fears are confirmed when, later, outside the hospital, Dom catches Lofty and Helen kissing…

"We all face challenges in life but this is a huge test for Dom and Lofty and a major hurdle in their relationship," says Lee. "As the story unfolds we’ll find out whether, as a couple, they’re strong enough to overcome it."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.