Surely not! Is Dom going to KISS ex-lover Isaac in Holby City?

Holby Isaac Dominic kiss
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With Isaac Mayfield still hanging around Holby, could the master manipulator get up close and personal once more with his ex-lover Dominic Copeland?

We don't know about you, Holby City fans, but we don't believe Isaac Mayfield is a changed man for one minute!

With Isaac  beginning to make his presence felt around Holby, ex-lover Dominic Copeland clearly wants him out of his hair – but it looks like, this week, the medic could be tempted back into the arms of his abusive ex, as Marc Elliott reveals.

When Isaac returned to Holby recently with his sick father, Dom made a pact with Isaac that he would provide the best care for Jon, who doesn’t have long left to live.

Dom (David Ames) knows Jon has signed a living will not to be resuscitated if his condition deteriorates, so Dom does his best to make Jon comfortable. Stricken Jon reveals a nasty streak, though, when he quizzes Dom about he and Isaac’s past relationship – and suggests Dom drove Isaac to abuse him!

Later, Jon’s struggling to breathe but when he manages to say: “Keep Me Here” Dom knows he wants to tell Isaac something before he dies. So Dom breaks protocol to try and keep Jon alive, until Isaac can get to Holby.

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When Isaac arrives, however, he’s none too pleased Dom’s ignored Jon’s living will, denying his father a peaceful death. But it seems there’s no love lost between father and son…

"There are questions about whether Isaac’s father has been a nice dad or whether he’s been violent towards Isaac and whether that, in turn, is where Isaac picked up his own aggression from," says Marc Elliott, who plays Isaac.

Isaac and Dom Holby City

Later, Isaac suggests Dom – who’s on a downward spiral after finding out husband Lofty (Lee Mead) has cheated – wouldn’t have made such an effort to keep his dad alive if he didn’t still have feelings for him.

Isaac reminds Dom how ‘exciting’ they were together; he knows Dom misses what they had. As Isaac leans in towards him, will Dom fall for his charms?

"There are unresolved feelings between Dom and Isaac and there’s certainly a LOT of sexual tension," says Marc. "Isaac is still quite alluring to Dom. It’s a tricky thing for Dom to shake off those feelings, which really confuse him."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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