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Holby City star Lee Mead on Lofty's baby tragedy: 'It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done'

Holby City Lofty Helen baby dies
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As they all look forward to the arrival of a baby boy, Helen, Lofty and Dom get some devastating news, as Lee Mead reveals...

After getting over the shock of finding out his holiday fling Helen was pregnant with his child, Holby City nurse Ben "Lofty" Chiltern and husband Dominic have been eagerly awaiting the new arrival. But in heart-breaking scenes this week, the excited parents-to-be receive some earth-shattering news…

Lofty's been excitedly shopping for baby things but is worried as Helen, who's 28 weeks' pregnant, hasn’t replied to any of his texts. When Helen (Verity Marshall) eventually turns up at Holby, she's visibly distraught as she tells Lofty she hasn't felt the baby move for over 24 hours!

As obstetrician Fleur Fanshawe performs an ultrasound, Helen and Lofty's worst fears are confirmed when she tragically informs them there’s no heartbeat and that their baby has died.

"Sadly, I have friends and family who’ve been through this and it’s impossible to imagine what they must be feeling," says Lee Mead, who plays Lofty. "For Lofty to have finally faced up to the fact he’s going to be a dad, knowing the baby’s on its way, then suddenly losing it, doesn’t bear thinking about."

When Dom (David Ames) hears the news, he’s devastated, but he must deal with his grief alone as Lofty remains by Helen’s side as she delivers their son…

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The story will explore how Dom, Lofty and Helen can move on following the tragedy...

"When we filmed the birth, there was a real sombre vibe on set among the cast and crew and the scene felt really honest," reveals Lee. "As an actor, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done."

Later, Helen and Lofty name their son, William, as they and Dom consider how they'll move on from this terrible tragedy…

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"It's an important story to tell because it's real life; these things really happen," says Lee. "This episode may be hard to watch for some people but I think it’s brave of a show like Holby to tackle these storylines."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.