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Holby City newcomer Sian Reese-Williams on Sacha's SHOCK proposal!

Sacha proposes to Jodie
(Image credit: BBC)

Sacha's new lover Jodie is stunned when he pops the question, as Sian Reese-Williams reveals…

Things are heating up for Sacha in the next Holby City episode [Tuesday 8th December] and when his friends doubt his new relationship with new love Jodie, the consultant takes dramatic action.

Jodie (Sian Reese-Williams) is back on Keller ward after being suspended for taking the rap for Sacha (Bob Barrett), but Dom and Donna are concerned about the influence she has on him.

As Fletch and Lucky quiz Jodie about their relationship, she flips and tells Sacha she's fed up that no one is convinced about their relationship.

Fletch boldly tells Sacha his relationship is a sham following on from Essie's death so soon.

But Sacha sticks his neck on the line against Fletch and all the other naysayers… and makes a bold move.

Holby City star Sian Reese-Williams, who plays Jodie, tells us more...

Can you remind us how Jodie and Holby City consultant Sacha Levy (Bob Barrett) came into each others' lives?

"Jodie came onto Keller Ward as a patient and Sacha treated her but he’s been dealing with his own problems, so he was a little brusk and impatient with her and she ended up in a situation where she became homeless. She camped outside the hospital, bumped into Sacha again and their two worlds collided. Sacha’s been going down a spiral of hell and Jodie has unwittingly become a part of that."

Holby Sian Sacha night of passion

Grieving Sacha (Bob Barrett) sought comfort from Jodie (Sian Reese-Williams)...

Jodie has since landed a job as the hospital tea lady and seems really into their relationship. Shouldn’t she take a step back?

"Jodie knows Sacha’s grieving for his late wife Essie, yet she still pursues this relationship with someone who just cannot give it. Her almost puppy dog-likeness exacerbates the situation - there’s something quite childlike about her in that she hasn’t fully developed what it’s like to be in a real adult relationship because she’s never had it. But it’s all she craves. She’s just looking for kindness and Sacha shows it to her. She immediately thinks: 'It's love'!"

After taking the blame for Sacha’s recent outburst, Jodie's back on Keller ward. What do Sacha’s colleagues make of her?

"Well, they’re obviously concerned about Sacha, so their reaction to Jodie as a human being is quite hostile. On the surface, Jodie is quite irritating; she’s always on the ward because she loves Sacha so much. But Dominic and Donna don’t buy it and they’re like: ‘Oh God’!"

Sacha propses to Jodie in Holby City

In a bid to silence the critics, Sacha takes drastic action. But will his friends be convinced?

Sacha decides to silence the sceptics… and proposes to Jodie in front of everyone on the ward! Is this really a match made in heaven?

"Here are two people who are at completely different ends of the spectrum, weirdly finding each other and getting something from each other. One thing they both share is their denial. Sacha’s perhaps in more of a conscious denial while Jodie thinks everything’s fine and dandy. She lives in a world of candyfloss and unicorns… or at least tries to. To Sacha, Jodie resembles a clean slate - but we learn she’s most definitely not!"

You’re best known for playing Gennie Walker in Emmerdale. Do you think it’s important that soaps like Holby are back to entertain people?

"Oh yes. I think people will be delighted to see something that isn’t a repeat, or an American boxset, or a Zoom drama about this lockdown hell we’re all living in and Holby’s loyal fanbase are craving a good story. This role came very much out of the blue for me, I wasn’t expecting it at all. It’s the biggest surprise I’ve had in years! I’m having a lovely time."

Holby City continues Tuesdays on BBC1.