Holby City's Nic Jackman on how Cameron KILLS again: 'This is no accident!'

Nic Jackman plays Cameron Dunn in Holby City
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After patient Bobby recognises him from Xavier's accident, Holby City's murdering medic Cameron Dunn takes drastic action, as Nic Jackman reveals...

Evil Holby City medic Cameron Dunn is really like the cat with nine lives, as he's seemed to literally get away with murder. But, in the next episode, it looks like his luck is finally about to run out.

Cameron was left shaken when he was recognised by patient Bobby Edwards (Mr Selfridges' Calum Callaghan). Bobby was the cyclist who, last year, accidentally knocked down registrar Xavier Duval - and in the next episode he tells Cameron he saw him steal Xavier's bag and flee the scene, leaving him to die.

Holby Cameron Evan

Shock death: Cameron's first target was Chloe's ex Evan Crowhurst, played by Jack Ryder...

Back then, Xavier was on his way to police with evidence that Cameron had killed Chloe’s ex Evan - now Bobby plans to tell police what HE knows about the evil doctor…

"Cameron feels sick to his stomach instantly," says Nic Jackman, who plays him. "Cam felt like Xav had almost been forgotten and the matter had been laid to rest. So for it to be brought up again AND for it to be Bobby, who witnessed Cam running away from the accident, puts the fear into him. Suddenly, here’s someone who can speak up against Cam."

Holby Cameron Xavier

Under suspicion: Xavier (Marcus Griffiths) knew Cameron was up to no good - and vowed to prove it!

Desperate, Cameron does everything he can to persuade Bobby - who’s on Darwin with a heart condition - to keep his secret…

"Cam lulls Bobby into a false sense of security and tries to emotionally manipulate him by convincing him that he’s going to come clean to the police himself," says Nic.

However, when Cameron realises Bobby isn’t falling for his games, he decides he has to silence him the only way he knows how…

"Cam's consumed with panic - he needs to hatch a plan to ensure he can continue getting away with things," reveals Nic. "Cam wants a complete sense of control, so what happens next is really dark. He knows exactly what he's doing. This is no accidental death. This one is completely calculated."

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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