Holby City star: Dom tells Sacha you've DESTROYED my life!

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Struggling to cope with life-changing injuries, Holby City medic Dominic Copeland lashes out, and Sacha's caught in the crossfire, as Bob Barrett reveals...

Holby City fans were beside themselves recently when Dominic Copeland was involved in a near fatal car smash after he went out looking for Sacha's ex Jodie. Dom survived - but as he battles with an uncertain future in the next episode, Sacha's feeling REALLY guilty.

Dom (David Ames) had sustained serious abdominal injuries after ploughing into a building site and becoming impaled on a scaffolding pole.

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Old friends: Dom and Sacha have always been good friends - but will Dom's accident change all that?

While Hanssen told Sacha they should wait for the fire brigade to cut Dom out of the vehicle, Sacha was adamant there wasn't time - if Dom didn't undergo urgent surgery immediately he could die!

Hanssen thankfully managed to save Dom's life - but the surgery was complicated and, as Dom came around from his op, Hanssen regretfully had to inform him that he'd been left with a permanent colostomy bag.

In the next episode, we find Dom struggling to come to terms with his life-changing injuries. And it seems the doctor doesn't make a very good patient, as Dom puts pressure on Sacha to discharge him from hospital early, so he can sneak out on a date.

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Into the unknown: Unsure of what his 'new normal' looks like, Dom just wants to get on with his life...

It’s clearly far too soon, though, and by pushing himself too hard, Dom ends up straight back on the operating table.

Dom survives - again! - but when he then learns Sacha pulled him from the car wreckage too hastily, which resulted in him needing such life-changing surgery, Dom is furious. Wanting revenge, Dom makes a bold decision - he declares he’s going to sue Holby!

"Sacha reminds Dom he saved his life but Dom’s adamant that, because of his actions, he’s actually destroyed it," says Bob Barrett, who plays Sacha. "People love Dom and Sacha's relationship; the banter between them and the way they are together. But this shakes that relationship to the core and causes it to crumble."

Holby City continues Tuesdays on BBC1. Times vary.

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