Holby City star Sian Reese-Williams on how Jodie ramps up her poisoning plot!

Sian Reese-Williams plays Jodie in Holby City
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Contains Holby City spoilers! As Beka’s condition worsens, is serial poisoner Jodie about to be exposed? Sian Reese-Williams tells us more...

Worried she was being pushed out of Sacha’s life in, in favour of his daughter Beka, Sacha’s fiancee Jodie started secretly poisoning her. However, it looks like in the episode of Holby City to go out on Tuesday 19th January, she risks being rumbled.

As Beka remains in hospital battling unusual symptoms, surgeon Sacha (Bob Barrett) can’t work out what’s wrong with her, completely unaware hospital tea lady Jodie has been poisoning Beka's food.

Beka had urged her dad to end things with Jodie. But, with Jodie now seemingly doing her best to nurse Beka back to health with hot meals, Beka softens, so Jodie asks her to be bridesmaid!

A jubilant Jodie calls a halt to poisoning Beka, confident Beka’s recovery will improve her relationship with Sacha. However, when Jodie excitedly tells Sacha that Beka's agreed to be bridesmaid, she’s stunned when Sacha drops the bombshell that he doesn’t love her and that they must break up, admitting he used her to get over his late fiancee Essie.

Holby Jodie dumped by Sacha

Jodie is confused when Sacha dumps her - and reacts the only way she knows how...

"What's really interesting for viewers, is that one minute you're on Sacha's side and the next you're on Jodie's," says Sian Reese-Williams, who plays her. "The sympathy lies in a different corner every time."

Meanwhile, mental health nurse Lucky is suspicious that Beka’s condition always seemed to improve whenever Sacha and Jodie’s relationship was going well, and fears Jodie has been poisoning her. And, sure enough, following Sacha’s admission he doesn’t love her, Jodie laces Beka’s next meal with what looks like enough poison to kill her!

Francesca Barrett plays Beka in Holby City

So much for being besties! It looks like Beka still in danger at the hands of Jodie...

Lucky does some digging into Jodie’s background, and comes to the conclusion that Jodie is seriously mentally unwell. At that moment, Beka has a seizure and Sacha collapses on the ward!

As Lucky confronts her about the poisoning, is the net closing in on Jodie?

"Jodie's behaviour is all to do with the fact she loves Sacha so much," says Sian. "And who can blame her!"

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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