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Holby City star Ramin Karimloo on Kian Madani's SHOCK secret!

Holby Kian (Ramin Karimloo) and Sunny
(Image credit: BBC)

Holby City's fun-loving consultant Kian Madani is troubled by something in next Tuesday's episode and breaks hospital protocol to help a friend, reveals Ramin Karimloo...

Always on hand with some cheeky banter - or a tray of doughnuts - Kian Madani has quickly become the life and soul of Holby City's Darwin ward. But, next week in Holby City, Kian's clearly got a lot on his mind and it's not long before a major secret about his past is revealed.

Kian needs to keep himself occupied, so he’s frustrated when Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) reveals all his operations have been cancelled as a theatre is out of bounds due to a technical fault.

Kian jumps into action, though, when a friend, Sunny, is admitted. When tests confirm Sunny has lung cancer, Kian wants to operate immediately, even though she’s not at risk. So when Kian asks Jac for a slot in the only available theatre, she turns him down flat!

Holby City Sunny Kian

Sunny's condition isn't life-threatening. But Kian is determined to operate... today!

"Kian’s not one to be told what to do, he likes to just do things in whatever way he sees as the best solution regardless of protocol," says Ramin Karimloo, who plays him. "It’s what makes Kian exciting – but also what infuriates Jac!"

Ramin Karimloo plays Kian Madani in Holby City

What's eating Kian? And why is he so desperate to help Sunny?

Refusing to take no for an answer, Kian decides he WILL operate on Sunny in the theatre that’s off limits! He summons a theatre team, poaches a scrub nurse from AAU and asks medic Nicky McKendrick (Belinda Owusu) to assist.

As Nicky preps Sunny for surgery, the woman mentions someone linked to Kian called Vanessa. When pressed by Nicky, Kian reveals Vanessa’s his wife!

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When Jac later discovers both Kian and Nicky have disobeyed orders, she’s furious. Annoyed at being drawn in, Nicky accuses Kian of being a user and jumps to the conclusion he cheated on wife Vanessa with Sunny.

That’s when Kian drops a shock bombshell to Nicky about his past. What’s the truth about Vanessa – and why was Sunny’s op so urgent?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.