Holby City's David Ames: 'We start to see a hardened Dom!'

Holby City W21 David Ames as Dominic Copeland
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Holby City's Dominic Copeland sets his sights on a promotion to consultant - and he's going to make sure Sacha helps him get it, as David Ames reveals...

Dominic Copeland and Sacha Levy's longstanding friendship in Holby City was put to the test when Sacha's decision to operate on Dom following a car accident left him with a colostomy bag. Dom was angry and, in the next episode, it looks like their friendship could well and truly be over.

Unable to face life with a stoma, Dom recently begged Sacha (Bob Barrett) to perform a stoma reversal in secret. Feeling guilty over what had happened, Sacha reluctantly agreed. However, when Dom suffered complications, Sacha was forced to reinstate the stoma.

Holby City Dom and Sacha at war

Dom wants Sacha's (Bob Barrett) help to forge ahead with his ambitions...

Next time, registrar Dom is back at work on Keller and has his eye on becoming consultant. Clinical lead Sacha supports Dom’s ambitions, letting him lead complicated surgeries to prove himself. And when Dom asks Sacha if he’ll provide a reference to help him gain the promotion, Sacha happily obliges, hoping this will help repair their friendship.

However, it soon transpires Dom doesn’t want to be friends as he tells CEO Henrik Hanssen all about how Sacha performed the illegal stoma reversal, suggesting it was WITHOUT his consent!

Holby City Bob Barrett as Sacha Levy

Best of frenemies: Dominic throws his old friend Sacha under a bus!

"This situation has turned Dom’s world upside down," says David Ames, who plays Dominic. "Viewers will know Dom’s making a bad choice and that what he’s saying is horrible but they will understand it and allow him to do it because they know he’s hurting."

As Dom, Sacha, Ange AND junior medics Josh and Jeong find themselves in front of Hanssen to explain what happened, Sacha takes full responsibility for performing the illicit surgery. Will Dom’s revenge be worth it?

"There’s a lot of anger there and it’s a tumultuous time between Dom and Sacha for a while," says David. "We start to see a hardened Dom; like the one who years ago would shut people out due to his own insecurities. He reverts back to a person he thought he’d long buried."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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