Holby City's Guy Henry: 'Hanssen wants to see justice done'

Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) Holby City
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As evil Reyhan returns to Holby City with complications from surgery, Hanssen comes face-to-face with his abuser once more, as Guy Henry reveals…

Henrik Hanssen in Holby City took the courageous but painful step just recently of publicly admitting that Sahira Shah’s father, Reyhan, sexually abused him as a child.

Hanssen put his own feelings aside to perform a liver transplant on Reyhan but, in the next episode, he’s shocked to find his tormentor is back at Holby with complications from the surgery.

Hanssen is clearly traumatised by the reappearance of his abuser, and vows that Reyhan will pay for his historic crimes. But it seems cunning Reyhan is one step ahead and tells Hanssen exactly how he sees events playing out, should the case get to court…

Holby City Reyhan Shah

Master manipulator: Some 40 years on, Reyhan still manages to torment a vulnerable Hanssen...

"Reyhan shows exactly what a devious, manipulative, nasty piece of work he is when he tells Hanssen that no one’s going to believe his accusations after all these years," says Guy Henry, who plays Hanssen. "Even 40 years on, we see how Hanssen still has a fear of Reyhan in that he can still get to him. This highlights why it’s so difficult for people to come forward about abuse."

Reyhan manipulates Hanssen into calling Sahira, who arrives with Reyhan’s grandson, Abs, in tow. Up to now, Sahira has refused to believe Hanssen’s allegations about her father. But Sahira’s deeply disturbed when new evidence comes to light, which confirms Hanssen IS telling the truth...

Holby City Sahira Shah

Sahira (Laila Rouass) uncovers disturbing evidence to support Hanssen's claims...

"Deep in Sahira’s heart and soul, she understands it’s the truth but can’t allow herself to believe it," says Guy. "Hanssen’s strength to admit his abuse really comes out of a desperation to help all the others that Reyhan has presumably abused over the years. He feels very guilty that he didn’t speak up sooner and that’s a terrible source of regret for him. He now wants to see justice done…"

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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