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Hollyoaks fans predict HEARTBREAKING pregnancy twist in upcoming episodes

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Fans have a theory...

Hollyoaks fans have predicted a devastating pregnancy twist for Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox).

Nancy has been grieving following the loss of her fiance Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt), who took his own life.

But fans are convinced that Nancy will find out she's pregnant with Kyle's baby in upcoming scenes.

In the soap's flash forward episode, Nancy looked heavily pregnant, leading fans to speculate the shocking twist.

Fans have been discussing it on Twitter, now we know the heartbreaking truth about Kyle.

One fan wrote, "Not that this is relevant but in the flashfoward episode Nancy is heavily pregnant. I’m guessing in the near future she will find out she is pregnant again with Kyles child?"

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Another added, "I am starting to wonder if Nancy is pregnant with Kyle's baby. And I think what's happened with lead Charlie to do deals for Jordan."

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But it might not be Kyle's baby, as others have predicted it's ex Darren's (Ashley Taylor Dawson).

A third added, "I am also thinking Darren and Nancy have an affair at some point. Between their grief, Darren's depression, and the affair, that's probably why they don't see what's Charlie been up to and I think Charlie does end up killing someone in the NYE episode... #Hollyoaks"

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And a fourth said, "Poor Nancy and Darren they are meant to be together not him and Mandy"

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Recently Darren and Nancy have been reconnecting following Kyle's death, as both are devastated by what happened.

Hollyoaks fans know that there's plenty of drama ahead, after the flash forward episode revealed there's a major death coming.

But who is in that body bag? And when will we find out?

Hollyoaks is currently only screening two new episodes a week being shown on Mondays and Tuesdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4.