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Home and Away doc Christian Green 'has secrets' reveals actor Ditch Davey

Dr Christian Green in Home and Away played by Ditch Davey

Who is new Home and Away surgeon Dr Christian Green? Actor Ditch Davey explains all and shares why joining the soap was a homecoming.

Home and Away is about to get it’s very own adventure-loving neurosurgeon when Dr Christian Green sweeps in… And sweeps fellow doc Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) off her feet!

Home and Away’s latest signing, Spartacus star Ditch Davey, chatted to about what to expect from the dashing doc.

Dr Christian Green in Home and Away is not your average neurosurgeon...

Our first encounter with Dr Green is when he’s called to the city to look at Tori Morgan’s brother Justin Morgan (James Stewart), who has a dangerous tumour on his spine (opens in new tab). But he’s not the suave, straight-laced surgeon we’re used to in TV drama.

“Christian is a global person - he’s very urbane - and he did a bit of time abroad working with Doctors Without Borders,” explained Ditch.

“I’ve played a neurosurgeon before [in Black Box with Kelly Reilly] who was very much the Armani-suit-wearing type, very arrogant, a high end bachelor. I wanted Christian to be a little bit different to him.”

Although Tori’s nose is initially put out of joint by her confident new colleague, she’s surprised to realise he’s also making her VERY flustered! But is she being drawn in by a heartbreaker?

“I don’t think so! I think Christian just goes about his business and whatever happens around him happens,” reassured Ditch. 

“He’s very focussed on what he does. He’s certainly not a player.”

Romance ahead for Christian Green and Tori?

Apart from the very serious business of operating on Justin, Ditch revealed that Dr Christian is about to get romantically involved with fan favourite Tori. And he’s been given a stern warning...

Home and Away Tori Morgan Penny McNamee)

Fans are very protective over unlucky in love Tori!

“Tori is relieved that Dr Green can help her brother and she lets her guard down and expresses her emotions. Christian is watching this little cyclone going around and he’s endeared to her.

“Home and Away fans are very protective of the show and the characters. There’s already been a little bit of, ‘You just be careful and take care of Tori!’"

But all might not be as it seems...

“Christian does have a couple of secrets!” he teased.

“There’s a few bits and pieces that start to creep to the surface as we get to know him.”

Returning home was ‘wonderful’

As well as starring in Black Box, Ditch was a regular on two of Australia’s best-loved series, cop show Blue Heelers and Navy drama Sea Patrol. He also had leading roles in US shows Spartacus and Roman Empire.

Home and Away, Christian Green

Ditch Davey was intrigued when he was offered the role of Dr Christian Green (Image credit: Channel 5)

“To get the phone call offering me the job on Home and Away and pitching me the character was great,” shared Ditch.

“I grew up just up in Manly [a suburb of Sydney close to where Home and Away is filmed] so as we say, I’m a ‘Manly Boy’.

“Melbourne has been my home for a very long time and the States, as well, and I spent a lot of time filming in New Zealand. 

“Coming back to Sydney and family and very old friends that I haven't been around for a long time has been wonderful.” 

How have things been being teamed up with Penny, who plays Tori, for Dr Christian’s first big storyline?

“She was just a dream from day one, so we work very well together,” insisted Ditch.

”The cast have been incredibly welcoming. It's a lovely group to be around and a lovely set to work on. It’s a pleasure to go to work every morning.”

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