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HORROR in Walford as THIS EastEnders favourite is BRUTALLY ATTACKED

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Whitney Dean is about to find out who boyfriend Leo really is in EastEnders...

EastEnders' Whitney Dean is about to find her abusive past coming back to haunt her when villain boyfriend Leo King brutally attacks her at Tony King's graveside.

Soap fans will remember that Whitney was groomed and sexually abused by Bianca's boyfriend Tony when she was a teenager.

Whitney has a drink with Leo

Leo has been preying on Whitney for weeks (Picture: BBC)

He was eventually arrested in 2008, but that wasn't the end of Whitney's turmoil, because she later discovered that Tony had taken his own life in prison.

But as Whitney has fought to move forward with her life, little does she know her current boyfriend Leo has a sinister connection to her past, because he is the son of Whitney's attacker, Tony.

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Leo has been targeting Whitney for months after being introduced to the Square at Whitney and Callum's wedding after he arrived to torment Bianca.

Leo then took advantage of Whitney's fragile state after her breakup with Callum by luring her into a romance.

Leo opens up to Whitney

Leo has been playing the role of the perfect boyfriend for weeks (Picture: BBC)

But while Whitney thinks Leo might be the man of her dreams, little does she know Leo has got a one track mind and is determined to clear his dad's name... whatever the cost.

New pictures have emerged that show Whitney and Leo at Tony's graveside, and the pictures make for tough viewing because Leo is brutally tackling Whitney to the ground, where he is then seen shoving her face in the muddy floor at Tony's grave.

Leo is also looking a bit worse for wear, sporting some cuts and bruises on his face. So does this mean he has been in a fight with someone before his altercation with Whitney?

Whitney has a drink with Leo in EastEnders

Whitney is about to discover that Leo isn't all as he seems (Picture: BBC)

The fact Leo has also lost his nice guy facade also indicates that Whitney is set to discover his true identity... but how does the truth that he is Tony's son emerge?

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